Trippy - Wireless Speaker Without Bluetooth
Trippy - Wireless Speaker Without Bluetooth

Welcome to our Prefundia page! 

TRIPPY is redefining the wireless speaker. Our vision is to create a speaker that lets you transfer music from your phone by simply placing it on top of the speaker. Let´s make bluetooth obsolete!

Loving to travel and meeting new people, the portable speaker is an essential for us. From the beaches in Africa and Asia, to preparties in Stockholm or on the rooftops of Shanghai, we gathered our friends for drinks and music. What we discovered however, was the infuriating unreliability and buzz-kill of bluetooth. Constant connection issues and the complexity of switching to another playing device are effects of the very nature of bluetooth. That is why we decided to reinvent the concept of a wireless speaker alltogether.

Our vision is to create a social wireless speaker, allowing for the seamless switching between playing devices. Furthermore, whereas good speakers are often ugly, and stylish speakers are bad, we decided not to compromise on neither quality nor looks. We decided to build a speaker that  brings people together, and that is perfect for our (and your!)  adventures!

Being based in Stockholm and Shanghai respectively, we joined Scandinavian design and the production experience of the far east . After countless hours of research, design sketching and prototype building in Europe, Asia and America, we can present a speaker that features an electromagnetic induction technology which registers the electronical impulses in the phone´s speaker and transferres them to the high quality sound system of Trippy. Thanks to this technology, using your wireless speakers will never be harder than just placing your phone on top of them. Forget annoying cables, bluetooth and pairing!

Presenting to you: Trippy


• Electromagnetic induction connectivity not requiring Bluetooth

• Made from 100% natural bamboo

• Scandinavian design

1. Electromagnetic induction connectivity

Tired of connecting your wireless speaker with Bluetooth that drains your phone's battery? We got a solution for you. Trippy uses a groundbreaking technology called electromagnetic induction connectivity. It´s magic. Place your phone on top of Trippy and the music will seamlessly tranferr to the speakers high quality system. It´s as simple as that!

2. Made from 100% natural bamboo

We did not want to create yet another speaker made from plastic or metal. Instead, we decided to make Trippy in natural bamboo. The bamboo has several advantages: it´s highly sustainable, super fast growing and non-polluting. And best of all, the bamboo housing creates better acoustic compared to plastic or metal, making it a perfect material for speakers!

By the way, did you know that bamboo is technically a grass and not a three? that´s wy it can grow up to 1m (3 ft for the americans) a day! 

3. Timeless Scandinavian design

Trippy combines simple and minimalistic Scandinavian design with lively colors. The warm and classic look of the bamboo together with the contrasting speaker cloth creates a truly unique design. The speaker cloths are available in a range of colors to suit your personal taste.




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