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TrioPod system and TripOS ( Trip Omni Screen )

Today there are many gadgets that enhance a photographer and videographer’s experience and the quality of their final product, everything from a Steadicam innovation for smartphones to refined lenses to action cameras. We now live in YouTube age, where even the average person can create professional-level videos and multimedia clips, using the latest editing software, offering an enormous wealth of knowledge for the DIY generation. In addition, there are countless portable projectors coming into a very competitive market, one which I recently came accross and am personally expecting soon that looks like a can of pop. Yet even with all these incredible tools to create videos and shoot photographs, one thing has been missing. What is needed is a portable screen, one that is lightweight, compact enough that would allow all those amazing images to be created and then displayed for large groups on the go, a medium that allowed a person to display their work anywhere.

But the TripOS isn’t only just for the photographer and videographer. Here are just some of the applications that this portable unit can be used for: traveling sports coaches, salesmen, businessmen, church leaders, outdoor adventurers, video gamers, and for outdoor camping entertainment.

It can function as a small table for the outdoorsy person or as a banner holder for trade shows. Film students will be able to review their videos on a large screen while working in the field. TripOS is invaluable for the businessman on the road who now have everything needed to do a quality presentation and is collapsible, convenient, and easy to transport.

Incredible innovative tools to create better videos and shoot photographs aren't enough. TripOS is a portable lightweight screen that would allow all those captured moments to be showcased for groups on the go.

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