TripleS - The Solar Powered, Smart, USB Charging, SunShade
TripleS - The Solar Powered, Smart, USB Charging, SunShade

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Elevator Pitch about ‘TripleS’...

Has your phone ever run out of battery when you needed it? Has the sun ever been in your face when you're relaxing? We present TripleS! A sunshade that charges your USB devices while you relax. Two models. One connects to a chair/lounger/into sand & grass with it’s universal clamp/stake, the other comes fixed to a sunlounger.

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The Story (Our History (*more detailed article in press pack))...

Founded in 2013 in Ireland, Connect Shade evolved from an idea, following an Italian holiday, to a sketch, to the design we have today after a long prototyping stage. We’ve had brilliant success winning multiple awards in national science & enterprise competitions (*see press clipings / more are available on request)

Two Customisable Models.

Who are we...

Connect Shade was invented and founded by Joshua Dargan Hayes when he was 14. Joshua competed in multiple national competitions where the products attributes have clearly shown themselves. Joshua has remained involved, now as CEO, as we move forward with our crowd-funding campaign.

What’s our mission/vision for Connect Shade...

We believe this product is one for the future, as ‘free’ and ‘green’ are very desirable traits for 21st century items. We hope our product is the one to revolutionize beaches and anywhere else our customers may travel. We wish to expand with a humanitarian aspect that would bring solar power to third world countries.


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