Trestle Watch Co. Unisex Modern Watch with a Vintage Edge
Trestle Watch Co. Unisex Modern Watch with a Vintage Edge

Trestle Watch Co.

American Design | Swiss Parts

Launches July 13, 2016

Trestle Watch Company is an American brand founded by a watch lover and history enthusiast.

I grew up loving the World War 2 era and combined my love for watches and history. Seeing that most watches based off of that time period were either too clunky-looking or just too out of date and unfashionable, it was simple to me. Create a watch with a vintage feel, yet modern and slim. Using my background in product development and design, Trestle Watch Company was born.

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We want to become a brand and not just pump out minimalistic designs for quick cash. We have 3 seasons already designed and ready to hit the watch market with full force!

The Influence

The designs are heavily influenced by the ones pilots wore during WW2 and of icons throughout history. The watches are centered around what we think those icons would have worn, in modern days.

Wear a piece of history.

When it came to name these watches, it was a no brainer. The first two watches are named The McGuire and The Roosevelt.

The Strap

Each watch strap is made of genuine calf leather with a butterfly clasp. With a great dial, the watch deserves a quality band.


The McGuire

"The McGuire" time piece is inspired by watches worn by American fighter pilots. Named after Thomas McGuire, a top scoring combat pilot during WW2, he was awarded the Medal of Honor and rised to the rank of Commanding Officer of the 431st Fighter Squadron. We could not see "The McGuire" being named after anyone else. If he were here today, this would be the watch for him. This perfect timepiece is housed in a slim case, simple dial, and an interchangeable leather strap.

The Roosevelt

"The Roosevelt" time piece is inspired by a mixture of bauhaus and post industrial era watches. Named after Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was known for his presidency during WW2, this perfect timepiece is housed in a slim case, simple dial, and an interchangeable leather strap. Under Roosevelt's leadership, the United States established the Fair Labor Standards Act, which increased rights to the employed. If he were here today, this would be the watch for him. With Roosevelt's strong personality, we believe a simple yet dynamic watch like "The Roosevelt", truly represents the man.

Born in Orange County

Born and raised in sunny Southern California, I had an infatuation with Orange County. I spent my adolescence wandering Irvine Spectrum, shopping at South Coast Plaza, and leisuring the beaches of Huntington and Newport. Long drives down PCH and late night meals in Garden Grove were a must. And ofcourse my time well spent at Cal State Fullerton. Paying homage to my home that offered great memories, each watch is laser etched with "Born in Orange County" on the case back.

[tres-uh l]

noun 1) One of a number of bents, having sloping sides of framework or piling, for supporting the deck or stringers of a bridge.

Bridging the Gap

Trestle watches were designed to be versatile for every environment. They are great for whether you're at board meetings, taking a trip to Catalina, after-school hangouts, or bon-fires at the beach. We wanted a high quality, all-in-one time piece that didn't break the bank. Also, for the professional and casual side of you to ease back and forth. Therefore, bridging the gap.

For over a year, we've been working with a top manufacturer with over 30 years experience in the watch industry. We have the designs, manufacturers, and prototypes.

All we need now is YOUR support!

The Watch

Our slim watches house a Swiss Quartz movement from Ronda, a well known movement and commonly used in high quality watches. Quartz movements have the greatest time-keeping accuracy. We spent over a year designing and perfecting the prototypes and are now ready for the market. But let the watch speak for itself!

The Design Process

We began with a digital design of the dials, then sent them over to our manufacturer who converted them into technical CAD drawings.

Once we approved the CAD drawings, the manufacturer went ahead and created the molds to create prototypes.

The prototypes were approved and now they are ready for to produce!

Let's talk Rewards!

The Hardware!

Case: 40mm | Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Movement: Swiss | Ronda Quartz
Crystal: Sapphire Crystal | Slightly Domed
Width: 8mm wide
Resistance: 5 ATM
Watch Band: 20mm | Genuine Leather | Butterfly Clasp

Stretch Goals!

Now We Need Your Support!

In order to make our dreams come true, we need your help to fund the campaign and bring this brand to life! In exchange for helping us fund the first line of production, you will be receiving an amazing discount to our quality watches!

Let's Get Social!

We need your support on social media too! Please like us on facebook and instagram and help spread the word. Thank you so much!


We have the design, specifications, and prototypes. After talking to countless manufacturers, we have carefully decided on one. We will be choosing the manufacturer who created our prototypes that you see here.

The packaging will be done by a seperate manufacturer who specializes in watch boxes.

After complete delivery of the finished goods, we will be doing a thorough inspection of each product to ensure the quality.

Risks and challenges

We understand that there are unforeseen delays that may happen. Although we work with very high quality manufacturers, there may be issues that arise.
Fortunately, this is not my first business. I have worked with manufacturers before in all types of fields, and am ready for any hurdle that comes at us.
We will keep a transparent campaign and let you all know exactly what's going on!

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