Tree Blood Pin
Tree Blood Pin

This project has already launched.



Need some spice for your accessories? 
These pins are what you want. 
You can add a new taste to your fashion if you put on tree blood pins! 
I made these pins for fashionistas who want something different.


- Shape of a gunshot wound. 
Sterling silver base, coated with tree blood. 
Gives eye-catching and shocking looks. Gives a punkish taste to your fashion.

 Heart shaped drip 

 - Bloody heart expresses some kind of message. 
For the broken-hearted or stolen-hearted. 
Sterling silver base, coated with tree blood.

 Jolly Roger

- Skull of the pirate’s flag-shaped pin. 
Sterling silver base, coated with tree blood. 
Express your freedom and rebellious spirit.


-Peace symbol shaped with blood. 
Wish for world peace without any blood. 
Sterling silver base, coated with tree blood.



“Tree blood” literally means “sap” which is called “Urushi” in Japanese. Urushi is a kind of natural lacquer that is collected from the Urushi tree. 
It is an ancient craft that dates back to 7000 BC, the Jomon period of Japan. 
It is a very rare natural material that can only be collected at a rate of one glass per tree. It is twice as valuable as silver. 
It is both heat- and acid-resistant. Moreover, it retains its shape for thousands of years. Ultraviolet rays are Urushi’s only weakness.  

I’d like everyone to know about Urushi, so I started this project. 
 I need to make cool stuff which people will love at first sight. I designed the blood-drip shape because I’m going to paint with “tree blood” (Urushi). Also, Urushi is famous for its red color. 
So, you will see what it's made of easily when you see the shape.

Do you think it’s a little bit pricey for a pin? 
Yes, it is. 
But please consider: the tree blood pin is made of sterling silver and tree blood (Urushi). These are not cheap materials, and they also need some skill. 
Also, I make all of these pins by hand. This pin is made just for you!


I’m Takahiro Sumida. I'm Japanese. 
I’m an Urushi artisan who’s making accessories and jewelry using Urushi. My brand is called Lacquersmith LYNX. 
I’ve been trained in Urushi art. I’ve been in this business for almost 7 years. My design is based on Japanese history and cultures like samurai and ninja. Cat sen-sei teaches me strictly.


Cat sen-sei teaches me strictly.
Cat sen-sei teaches me strictly.


As an Urushi artisan, I want to revive Urushi culture and spread it around the world once more. 
I believe Urushi art is an incredibly beautiful art format, but it has gone into decline in Japan recently. Before its decline, Urushi art was known throughout the world. I hope that my high-quality products will reinvigorate Urushi art. That is my passion and lifetime goal.

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