Wandervest: the carry more, worry less travel vest
Wandervest: the carry more, worry less travel vest

This project has already launched.

 Carry more, worry less

A travelling experience free of airport luggage hassle with the first ever US made Eco-friendly, all-in-one travel vest and bag


Are you a frequent traveller who pays for check-in luggage? Are you a backpacker who takes low cost airlines? Or Are you a traveller who needs to go to several destinations within your busy schedule, without having to worry whether your luggage will arrive at each destination on time?

No matter the kind of traveller you are, we’ve got the best Eco-friendly solution for your luggage problems.


Conceived and designed in Switzerland, developed and manufactured in USA, Wandervest is the travel vest that will not only save on luggage fees, but will also help preserve the environment. Made with 100% eco-friendly sustainable fibers, the Wandervest proves that while travelling usually means burning fossil fuels, it is possible to limit its ecological impact.


Because it is a vest, you can wear your hand-carry luggage:

  • less or no check-in luggage, save on check-in fees

  • carry more on board luggage, without the fees

  • keep your stuff with you; no more lost luggage

  • no wait at the luggage carousel


Not only can it serve as your bag for an overnight, a week-end or even a week-long escapade, it also designed for the traveller with "no check-in luggage" philosophy.


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