Travel Photography Notebook
Travel Photography Notebook

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bout this project

A 100+ pages notebook, featuring beautiful travel pics, inspiring quotes and crazy photography tasks that keep you inspired every day.


Travel Photography Notebook is our response to the needs of travelers all around the world. As we are one of those people who cannot stand still in one place for too long & we perfectly understand the struggles of backpackers and travel photographers. We wanted to change those little nightmares like packing into fun easy tasks and help you organize your travels better.

We filled Travel Photography Notebook with plenty of useful sections to improve your travel style, give a chance to capture every experience while on the road, store your thoughts and memories and create friendships by being able to keep every important detail about people you meet.

Keep your memories organized and safe for years to come and improve your photography skills with Travel Photography Notebook.


Inside the Travel Photography Notebook you’ll find plenty of carefully designed sections that will improve your travel style and ensure that no memory will be left behind. Here’s a glimpse of what we put there:


  • Photography tips & tricks - learn how to become a pro thanks to EXIF info on each photograph. Besides, you'll know the secrets of how to take: photos of people, astronomical photos, architecture photos, beautiful landscapes and... many more! Within each photo, you'll see some inspiring quotes of the photographers that took them. 
  • Photography tasks & challenges – coming from travel photographers we filled our notebook with tips that will improve your skills and challenges so you could never run out of ideas for a perfect photo.
  • Packing list – prepare your own, tailored to your needs packing list before the trip to make sure that every piece of equipment will be with you while on the road.
  • Travel Bestsellers – we’re sure that you’ve read a couple of travel books to find inspiration for your next journey. Write down each book you’ve read and color the stars to remember if it’s worth a recommendation or not and inspire others.
  • Contact list – never loose any contact info from people you’ve met during your adventures. This section will let you store names, phone numbers, the place you’ve met and funny story related to you two.
  • Creativity Journal - if sometimes you feel like being on the treadmill, working towards some goal, but never getting anywhere with it, you need this Creativity Journal. Follow the footsteps of the most successful people in the world and accomplish everything you want.
  • A couple of blank pages - for drawings, making the calculations, writing poems when you're feeling inspired or just to use them as a lightwood in the middle of the nowhere.


With this journal, you’ll be able to effectively plan and execute your goals. Create your daily ritual for success and start achieving your goals like a boss.

We made this notebook together, by ourselves. Starting from design, choosing best pics of Photlers’ users, going through browsing tons of paper types to choose the best one, ending on printing a few versions to check different bindings and testing the notebook in a real life.

1. We chose a friendly local printer house that helped us with making this whole thing done.

2. At a size of 21cm (8,27”) x 14,8cm (5,83”), it’s small enough to take it on your trip so it would be with you throughout all day while being also the perfect to make some notes and fill blank sections.

3. With a special case, you can take the notebook wherever you want. Don’t worry about weather conditions - it won’t get wet, it won't get crush either. Instead, you can put there something to write or other precious stuff. 

                                               WORLDWIDE SHIPPING INCLUDED!!!

By all means, any donation will help us create a beautifully tailored original travel book, with quality photos from around the world which can proudly sit in your library along your National Geographic books.


The goal is for the book to invite you to interact with it and become more productive and inspired throughout the week. 

Something to keep you motivated and organized throughout the day, a home for your daily thoughts and a new reason to sit at the table with your friends and make travel plans.  

Travel Photography Notebook will be the place to come back after a busy day, where you can share your thoughts and keep your personal notes organized.



Let's do this, Guys! Together we can bring this project to life!

Why it’s so important for us?  

We reached to the Kickstarter community because YOU are a group of phenomenal and open minded people. 

No matter how much you give to this campaign, it will not only help Photler Book to be printed, but also it will be a source of happiness and inspiration for the world we live in.

It can serve as fuel for productivity and goals achievements.   Put along with a well - prepared daily agenda, photos and words can make wonders for our daily productivity.   




Risks and challenges

There is a risk in manufacturing a high-quality journal with a lot of prints. We’re aware of the importance of scheduling and preparation process. While unforeseen issues can always arise (let’s face it) we feel that right now, we’re in the best position possible to publish this book on time and on budget. We’ll be working with local printing house and we’ll be designing every page ourselves, to make sure that everything is perfect. We cover the shipping cost, and try to keep it as low as possible – we’ll do everything to make The Travel Photography Notebook accessible to all of you. One of our most important challenges is to ensure delivery to your door in the time.

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