TRAPMATS: The World’s First Easy-Clean Dual Car Mats
TRAPMATS: The World’s First Easy-Clean Dual Car Mats

This project has already launched.

We are proud to introduce our new product, TRAPMATS. And, we are launching TRAPMATS on Kickstarter. Therefore, we are looking for backers, and if you subscribe, we will give you a free Dual Floor Mat(valued at $40) who pledges $79 or higher. Before we launch our campaign, we will send an email with detailed information. Please show your support and interest in our product by subscribing now! 

The World’s First Easy-Clean Dual Car Mats

- Keep your car floor neat & clean.

- Don’t worry about getting in your car with shoes that are wet or stained. 

- You can save time, energy, and money cleaning your car

Why is this better than your average car mat?

- The average car mat has no way of holding dust, dirt, and debris. These pollutants circulate in your car creating bad air quality.

-TRAPMATS are designed to protect your car environment from all pollutants, including dirt, dust, bacteria, debris, and germs. With its patented design, TRAPMATS traps dirt and dust within the lower layer to prevent them from circulating in the air.

-All pollutants are collected in the lower layer, and cannot circulate through the air. The upper layer is left clean. 

How it Works

TRAPMATS are comprised of an upper layer and lower layer. The upper layer is made up of honeycomb-structured holes, which enable the pollutants to fall into the lower layer. The upper and lower layers are held firmly together with velcro fasteners so that the collected pollutants cannot leak out. The TRAPMATS are made of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate(EVA) material, which is odor resistant, waterproof, and has anti-bacterial properties to help keep your floor mat clean. 

TRAPMATS v.s. General Mats

Easy to Clean

People often neglect to wash their car mats regularly, and doing so takes plenty of time or effort. Car washes are expensive and it is a real hassle to wash each car mat with soap and water. In addition, floor mats often take hours to dry. With TRAPMATS, simply separate the two layers and shake to remove dust or rinse with water.  

 TRAPMATS for all Car Owners

Whether you love the outdoors, have small children who aren’t the neatest eaters, or sometimes spill your coffee during your morning commute, TRAPMATS are for you! Car mats have it rough. They get stepped on by passengers’ shoes, get spilled on with coffee and other beverages, and sometimes are used as temporary storage for trash. It’s no wonder it is so difficult to keep your floor mat clean! TRAPMATS were designed to solve this basic problem for all car owners; keep car mats clean in any situation.

TRAPMATS for every Car


To install the TRAPMATS


TRAPMATS are like any other car mat. You just slip it onto the floor of your car.

1. Place the TRAPMATS into the mat hooks beneath any seats.

2. The bottom of TRAPMATS is composed of Velcro so that it helps mats completely stick to the car floor.

3. TRAPMATS are completely attached to the car floor by hooks and Velcro. Therefore, there is no risk of it slipping out of place.

Design & Specifications

The patented honeycomb design, with a filtering upper and trapping lower compartmental layer, is the key to TRAPMATS. Made with EVA plastic, TRAPMATS are both infant and environmentally friendly.



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