Wish -tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month- needs support for an English translation!
Wish -tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month- needs support for an English translation!

This project has already launched.

Wish -tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month- is a Type-Moon inspired Eastern romance visual novel, told by the young doujin artists of circle Migiha from Japan.  Now, a new startup - Culture Select - needs your support to localize the game into English and release it to the Western Market! 

Culture Select - Visual novels are an amazing medium for story telling.  A lot of youthful storytellers, artists, and musicians, are getting together to tell these stories and better communicate their words to you.  Now, we can break down barriers.  You can bring those stories across languages.  Not just big names that make a lot of money, but small independent authors you may have never heard of.  

My name is John and I've been working on the floor at comiket and other conventions in Japan and meeting these small developers for years.  I have worked in and around the industry with many companys before on titles such as fault - Milestone One -An Octave Higher, and Ecchi Mery and Perils of the Cosmic Shrine! which were all but completely unknown a year ago. Now I'm back here again, with a new team, Culture Select, and we're here with another game that deserves a look from the doujin developers at Migiha.

Culture Select holds in its ranks experience from all over the industry. Our freelance translators have worked on things like the とある魔術の禁書目録 (To Aru Majitsu no Index) series, and lived in Japan meeting authors for years.

Migiha- Led by the artist Shori - Wish was the first series developed by Migiha.  It had success on the floors of comiket in Japan, and the creators are really inspired by groups such as Type-Moon.  Migiha has produced supernatural stories detailing the intricacies of Japanese culture since its inception years ago.  Wish is Migiha's first original series, which has had many successful installments in past years.  Today, we want to bring as many of those installments to you as possible.

We really love the battle and supernatural elements of Wish as a story, but that's not the only reason we want to translate it.  It's also the very human element, and the truly Eastern approach to storytelling.

...Hey, Tenka.
What are you doing?
Are you just going to stand by and watch?
When you've got more power at your disposal than you ever dreamed of?
Don't you see how desperately everyone you care about fights to keep you safe?
How much longer are you going to stand around?
Are you scared of disappearing? Of dying?

Shut up! What the hell do you know!?

Go. Go now.
What happened to that enthusiasm you had just a moment ago?
Take the step.
Go on.
Go on, do it.


Go, now!!

Wish is Migiha's most renowned visual novel, and we're really going to enjoy telling this story in English with your help!

The Wish series was very popular at Comiket in Japan, and has had many installments over the past couple years.  With your support, we're going to endeavour for the following Stretch Goals! 

Scenario 2
A lot of Wish's most engaging battles happen in the second scenario.  If you want the full exposure of this supernatural world, push for the second scenario!

These values have been changed for the actual campaign, please check it here!

The base budget for this translation was $5,600 (now $4,800).  That's to pay for the translation of Scenario 1, this kickstarter, and all the work we've done so far. 

Our translators have accepted to take a very low rate on this game translation in the spirit of seeing the smaller doujin market pull through.  We actually already have, and plan on taking a small loss with the current base goal.

We concluded through this budget we would be able to guarantee the release of the game and all funders get perks without issue.  In order to put this game on Steam, it must have a successful greenlight campaign campaign, so we would like your help there as well!  However, we are willing to work with other distributors even if it does not.  Other challenges will be shipping and the costs of running art books, and distribution of physical perks.  We'll need to be in communication with our donors as the project ends (which is why we will also use backer's kit!) 

The coordinators for this kickstarter have hosted crowdfunding projects before and are familiar with donor concerns.  If you have a question, he is always available and can communicate in both Japanese and English for you. 

Do you have any questions? Recommendations? Ideas? Comment and we'll answer!  You can also be a big help by telling people about this project both in person and on social networks! 

Q: Can you get on some social networks so we can ask more questions about this project and your group?
A: Sure - we recently setup our twitter page, website, and Ask.fm so you can ask questions.


 What are the PC Requirements?
A: The recommended PC Requirements are as follows: 

Video: Any graphics card that can support atleast 800x600 and has 32MB of RAM (shared or dedicated).  DirectX9 is required.
OS: Designed for compatibility with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
Otherwise, anything not ancient will do.

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