TrackIMU: Camera-free, Wearable Head Motion Tracker
TrackIMU: Camera-free, Wearable Head Motion Tracker

This project has already launched.


TrackIMU aims to provide fully Immersive, natural viewing experience in your game or virtual reality scenes, without a camera! TrackIMU provides the world’s most affordable solution for real-time 3-axis rotation/orientation tracking. It uses Arduino and IMU modules that are basic electronics modules on market, to accomplish the same or better function than expensive motion tracking units “packaged” specifically for high price.

TrackIMU is a true wearable technology, super convenient to use. The complete system is so small and light that you simply attach it on top of your gaming headset and it does all the work for you. 

The TrackIMU system consists of hardware and software.The software intuitively guides the setup and visualization of the TrackIMU device.

The hardware includes the state-of-the-art IMU chip (9 Degrees-of-Freedom, MPU 9250) and its on-board processor (basic Arduino Pro Micro), integrated by a customized PCB board and enclosed in a beautifully designed plastic case.

The major modules are introduced here:

A video showing the design and assembly process

TrackIMU User Interface software

In order to get accurate orientation information from raw measurement from 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer, a proprietary algorithm of extended Kalman Filter is developed. The algorithm is embedded on the Arduino Pro Micro for real-time data fusion on board. In addition to the firmware, a Desktop based TrackIMU User Interface software is also developed. It allows the users to calibrate the magnetometer conveniently and view the orientation intuitively.

Play ARMAII with TrackIMU

Play Project cars with TrackIMU

Play Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) World with TrackIMU

TrackIMU is also a development tool for IMU-enabled applications and products. The hardware is designed to be compatible with electrical breadboard, offering you the capability for quick prototyping. Using the Arduino and MPU9250, you can debug your own embedded systems for various applications. This photo and video here shows an examplary application, "air mouse", which tracks your hand motion and controls the cursor, similar technology as some smart TV remote controllers.

The development kit also includes some popular accessories, breadboard, button switches, resistors, jump wires. A list of open source program examples and tutorials would help you jump start your development effort. 

TrackIMU system comes with 2 versions: a. TrackIMU Complete; b. TrackIMU DIY. Besides a&b, an additional version is c. TrackIMU Development Kit.

Risks and challenges

The modular design of TrackIMU, using standard and wide available components, significantly reduces classical risks involved with supplier chain management, manufacturing, assembly and etc. We do not envision major risks delivering the products. Having said that, we keep the following challenges in our mind throughout the project.

1. Reliability. As a new company, we do not have a systematic quality assurance at this stage. Even though every product will be tested before shipping, we will keep an eye on the long term reliability of the product. Problems might come from manufacturing, packaging or shipping process. Feedback from customers will help us improve product reliability in the long term.

2. Timeline. Products manufacturing will start immediately after the campaign concludes. Depending on the location of the customers, delivery may arrive with 1-2 month after the campaign. We do appreciate customers' patients when waiting for the delivery.

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