Tourist information atlas
Tourist information atlas

My Story

I'm 39 and I'm an architect. After 14 years as an entrepreneur I want to do something different. And I mean something completely different. I really don’t know how you see an architect working day, but it’s a lot of walls. Walls on paper and walls around me. My day starts and finishes in my office, which again means 4 walls. Basically, the only sun I see is through my window.






So my all free time is spent in nature, doing cross country. So I realized that my small country doesn't have a good and quality presentation of places to see and explore. And I built it. It's called “AjmoNegde”, which means “let’s go somewhere”. 




And I’ve start to collect information and images of different locations and to put them in my web portal. It is very important for real nature lovers. And it’s really important for me too. Why is it so? For me, this is the way to show that my country is beautiful and interesting.




The Funds

So, in 2010, I’ve started . So far I’ve spent 10 000 $ for designers, programmers, and other experts included in the project. For finishing my project, I need 25 000 $, and the "phase I" of "AjmoNedge" will be finished. At this moment, with my own funds, it will last 10 years.


25 000 $ would be spent for collecting data about all locations that are not presented and discovered, and for making responsible web design, with developed unique application. When all would be finished, traveling through my country will be much much easier, and some “hidden jewel” might be discovered and presented so tourists from all around the world would be able to visit magnificent nature.


For very generous people, we prepared 4 types of perks:

$ 100   T-shirt with printed logo, for one person;

$ 200  3-night stay (Full board) in Bioreservate in Rudno-Golija, with no additional costs for outings picnics, etc.  for one person... (travel cost to Serbia are not included);

$500  4-day cross country through Serbia - Surprise Tour, for one person...(travel cost to Serbia are not included);

$1000  7- day of full board active vacation in Serbia, with special surprises, for one person...(travel cost to Serbia are not included)

Help make it happen!

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