TOUCHdown Biometric Virtual Wallet
TOUCHdown Biometric Virtual Wallet

Have you ever had your identity or credit cards stolen? Ever been robbed? We have. We also have lost our wallets, cell phones and credit cards on many occasions. That is why we invented TOUCHdown, a payment and identification system that allows you to make purchases with just the swipe of your finger.

Imagine life without having to worry about your identification and finances stolen. Imagine not having to worry about where your wallet is at all times. TOUCHdown has reinvented the wallet so you can enjoy your life.

The idea behind TOUCHdown is to reduce fraud through our accurate fingerprint authentication and secure network system.

Unlike other similar companies, we strongly believe in our customers’ privacy and refuse to pry into or sell out any information we receive.

How it works at in-store merchants after you've signed up:

1. Swipe or press down your fingerprint on a TOUCHdown merchant's fingerprint reader. Your name, date of birth and selfie will pop up on their TOUCHdown tablet.

2. Swipe the screen to the right and the merchant can then see your verified government ID.

3. Swipe the screen again to the right and you'll get to the payment page.

4. Press the drop-down menu and choose which card you'd like to use in your virtual wallet.

5. Press send. It's really that convenient!

For more information on TOUCHdown's security, privacy and convenience, please visit our website.  Read up on how you can join the movement to fight against identity fraud!


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