Torch Heated Jacket - Designed for the Torch Coat Heater (Torch 2s) with Removable Heat Pads
Torch Heated Jacket - Designed for the Torch Coat Heater (Torch 2s) with Removable Heat Pads

Who we are:

We successfully crowdfunded the Torch Coat Heater in February of 2016 and we are currently in the process of releasing our second generation coat heater; Torch 2.0- Here it is:

How did we come up with the idea for heated jacket compatible with our removable heat pads?

At a tradeshow last January we had some major snowboard brands interested in our coat heaters and they had a desire to team up and make a jacket compatible with our coat heaters, but since something like that would take years to release with a big company we decided to do it ourselves.

In February of 2018 we will launch our Crowdfunding campaign for the World's First jacket specifically designed to be compatible with our Torch Coat Heaters.  It wil be the World's First Battery-Operated Heated Jacket with Removable Heat Pads.

Here is our first prototype that proved the the design was possible, the cost was manageable and that the concept was a good idea.

So What is the Torch Coat Heater:

The Torch Coat Heater is a battery operated heater designed to fit inside any style jacket.  We provide Velcro installation kits to adhere to the inner lining of your jacket enabling you to transform your jacket into a heated jacket.

The Big Question- If the Torch Coat Heater is designed to transform any jacket into a heated jacket, why design a a specific jacket for Torch?

The answer is simple.  As we try to heat every jacket, there are specific limitations to every jacket and opportunities missed.  For instance, with a specifically designed jacket we now have a designated pocket for the battery that can be accessible from inside and outside of the coat.  Another opportunity is that Torch can attach to any part of the liner, so you can customize where the heat pads are located.

Why thats a good idea:

Personally I have a bad lower back, so when it gets cold it is more painful.  Being able to move the heat pads around I was able to target my low back.  More warmth on my back increases the blood flow and increases my flexibility while decreasing my chances of injury.

Other benefits:

  • Removable heat pads make for the a truly machine washable jacket- extending product life and allowing us to increase warranties
  • Transferable heat pads mean that your investment in the heating element is not only for one jacket, you still have the opprtunity to move it from coat to coat
  • Adjust the heat pads to your personal preference to heat the areas on your core that get cold the most

What's the End Goal?

The End Goal is to heat every jacket in the world!  I know, that's Steve Jobs type thinking.  But if this could catch on, maybe Burton would release a jacket compatible with our Torch Coat Heater, or North Face, Columbia etc etc.... you get the idea.  Maybe its far fetched, but maybe not.  Coat manufacturers add features to jackets all the time to keep up with technology.  And we already had a couple big brands interested, so we are not going to stop!

So what is the jacket going to look like?

One thing to note here is the lack of styles available with heated coats.  More and more options are becoming available, but the market is still limited.  And we want a jacket that we love, so here are a few renderings with some features.  But we are going to release two styles: one will be a down style jacket and the other will be a snowboarding/skiing style jacket (currently there are no heated snowboarding or ski jackets on the market.)

Note:  We will be looking to our community for color schemes and any other ideas.  These images are concept renderings and the actual jacket will look different.  I will update these images as our fashioin designer completes them.


  1. Outer fabric– 25D-30D Nylon ripstop with water proof DWR (durable water repellent) coating
  2. Quilt Pattern (2’’ x 2’’)
  3. Insulation– Primaloft (Black Insulation Eco– or similar)
  4. Lining– Polyester lining (Omni heat type material– heat reflective) and Velcro Brand 3368 with no binder coating 
  5. Zippers– YKK with string
  6. Arm Logos– Plastic
  7. Chest and back logo– embroidered
  8. Colors– to be determined
  9. Fit– similar to North face Thermoball Hoodie

The inside of the jacket: 

The inner lining will be similar to Velcro Brand 3368 Velcro with no binder coating.  Translation- it is basically an extremely soft, flexible, almost like a fine fleece material that the coat heater can easily attach to.

Additional Features:

A couple more features:


What stage are we in?

Currently we have the design concept complete.  Our fashion designers are currently drafting the Technical Specifications for our manufacturer.  These will be complete by the end of September 2017.  From there, our manufacturer will start working on quoting the prototypes costs, which we will negotiate and pay.

We will have our prototypes by mid-November and we are going to test the shit out of them.  My business partner and I will be in the Rockies every weekend testing every aspect.  Snowboarding and jumping off cliffs and diving into bushes.  (We would be doing this anyways, for fun obviously, but also we like to test our Coat Heaters as much as possible.)

We will also be taking pictures and building our crowdfunding campaign, getting ready to launch at the end of our selling season, February or March.

After the campaign, we are scheduled to visit our manufacturer in China for Torch 2s, and on this trip we will do all the final tweaks to the jackets and place our order.  The jackets will be on the same timeline as our Torch 2s Coat Heaters so they will be ready to ship by Septemeber of next year.

What is Torch 2s and will that be a part of the Campaign?

Torch 2s is going to be our 3rd generation coat heater, and yes it will be a part of the campaign.  In the 2017-2018 season we still plan to sell our Torch 2.0's but we wanted to have another upgraded Coat Heater to release in the new season.  It is a part of our mission for endless innovation.  It will feature an app to control the temperature of the heat pads.  So imagine this- "Hey Siri, please turn my coat heater to high."


Hi My name is Anthony DeVito and I am the creator or the Torch Coat Heater and the founder of the Torch Coat Heater company. I successfully ran my first crowdfunding campaign in 2016 and I am extremely excited to do it again.  I have been working with our manufacturer now for almost 3 years and I am extremely confident that we can deliver this project, just as I did back in 2016.

If you would like to view the original Torch Coat Heater campaign, you can do so here:

Torch Coat Heater Indiegogo Campaign 

If you would like to see our website you can do so here:

We also sell on Amazon, and we were featured on Amazon Launchpad last year.  We will be featured on Sharper Image's website this year, and we will be in the Herrington Catalog and the Hammacher and Schlemmer Catalog.

Thank you for reading this far and we look forward to collaborating with you in the coming months!!

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