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This book is a guide to every aspiring leader who desires to succeed in politics. You will learn how to seize power in less than 30 minutes. Illustrated with real-life examples of how others succeeded. 
It aims to equip the leader with vital tools to succeed where others failed and to safeguard the reader against possible pitfalls schemed by custodians of power. Some of the principles explained in this book can find useful applications even in other public sectors where power is desired With its rich explanations, a politician is exposed to hidden laws and secrets which have been exclusively preserved by the aristocracy.
 With such knowledge, the reader can stir up cascade of events that can change his destiny forever

The book also discussed important political approaches to 

The book also discussed important political approaches to 







1. Don’t give hope, Sell hope  

2. Stop upgrading yourself, upgrade the voters  

3. Go Digital: Engage the Social Media  

4. Exploit Political Trends  

5. Dare to act, never dream to dare  

6. Utilize the Urgency, Logic and expediency of the moment  

7. Convince, Confuse or Manipulate  

8. Invest in Propaganda  

9. Open up the value chain: Choose your team carefully  

10. Avoid the Stockholm Syndrome: Think with your head, not with your heart  

11. Activate Espionage and use Spies  

12. Strike with Precision  

13. Divide and Conquer  

14. Spread a Rumor  

15. The Butterfly Effect: Alter events and you will change the game  

16. Sharpen your Manifesto  

17. Look outside the Box  

18. Embrace higher Power  

19. Unleash the Media  

20. Get your Minority Report: Discover, Verify and Predict  

21. Don’t wait for Funds, take action  

22. Hope for the Best, Plan for the worst  

23. Use Deception to stay ahead  

24. Never underestimate an opponent  

25. Flee from Violence  

26. SAT-Spherical Aberration Technique: Never let people predict your moves  

27. Leadership 2.0: Turn your weakness into strength  

28. Strategy – Effect Analysis: Study the success and failure of others 29. Religion is a Political Fraud – Play along  

30. The Placebo Effect: Hide your real intentions  

31. Economize your Resources and amalgamate your forces  

32. Ride the Tiger  

33. Avoid Scandals  

34. Move out of your Comfort Zones  

35. Believe: Take a leap of Faith  

36. Monitor and Evaluate  

37. Avoid a losing Party  

38. Increase Follower-ship by your own Sacrifice 3

9. Ride through the tides: Never lose your equanimity but re-discover the strength to evolve 4

0. The 5%: Source your votes where they are forgotten  

41. Make plans for Damage Control

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