Top 8 Health Benefits of Using LED Lights
Top 8 Health Benefits of Using LED Lights

Almost 90% of the people already shifted to LED lights and it's used mostly in various places. Soon the remaining 10% the of people will more likely get converted into Led Lights. As said earlier Led Lights are the future of lightings, there are more number of benefits added if we use led lights. Few benefits are


  • Long life

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Environment friendly

  • Quality

  • No UV emissions

  • Various design flexibility

  • Can resist any temperature

  • Frequent switching

  • Instant lighting

  • Low voltage etc...


Apart from the above benefits, led lights play an important role and has many health benefits in our life. Let's see in our blog today in detail about the Led Light Health Benefits.



Led contains no mercury and lead and they do not use metals, do not emit radio frequencies which is not harmful for human body. Led lights help you in lowering your anxiety and stress. Helps in improving the productivity. It helps in increasing the sales up to 40%, helps in accelerating good health and behavior.


Let's seehow Led Bulb has health benefits in Humans


  1. Eyes:


Eyes are one of the important parts in eye, Eyes let you to see colors and therefore you have to take care of your eyes very carefully. Few lights which have high brightness will make your eye to stress problems and there is a chance of eye blindness too. CFL bulbs and Incandescent bulbs uses mercury, sodium and metal halide will cause light pollution due to the low color rendering index. Another one is flickering; this may cause discomfort, strain to eye and stress.


So using Led Bulbs will help in avoid this eye stress problems and can be able to protect your eye carefully. While getting Led bulbs from stationery you have to ask for low CRI and get it. Led bulbs do not flicker because they run using DC voltage. Led lights are available in various colors and there are low to high requirements available.


2. Skin:


Skin is the softest part in our human body. A small scratch in your skin might cause harm to your skin. So it's important to look out your skin very carefully. CFL bulbs and incandescent lights emit UV rays which will damage the human cells and it will be considered one of the reason for skin cancer.

Led lights do not emit UV rays and it can be even as a close lamp objects which can be close to human skin too... So it does not cause any problems to the skin cells and moreover it has the greatest health benefits of led lights.

3. Breath:


Most of the lights and bulbs are manufactured by using heavy metals. So when those lights break it causes breathing problems because it's manufactured by using some of the dangerous gases and metals.


Led lights are not manufactured using heavy metals and also come in ROHS standards.


4. Explosions:


Most of the lights can be exploded at any times and are mostly injurious to health. While Led lights are free from explosions which are another important health benefits of led lights.


5. Going green:


Led lights are future of lighting. So it's good to go green with led lights which will help to save energy, exist long term, reduce pollution and will have a health generation in future.


6. No sounds:


Other lighting like CFL lamps and incandescent bulbs causes irritating sounds, hyperactivity which may lead to noise pollution. Whereas Led Lights produces no such hum like other lights.


7. Duration:


Most of the Incandescent lights burn out in less than a year. Whereas led lights exist for more than 50,000 hours and color matching of the lighting fixture will help in reducing eye strain, and will resist color matching for long period of time.


8. Heat:


Most of the lights emit more heat of 180F or 200F degrees. It would be hard to touch these hot bulbs; apart from it this can also cause hot spots etc. Whereas led light won't produce heat and will remain cool even if it is turned on for long period of time.


Still using incandescent or CFL lights?



This is the perfect time to switch on to Led Lights. I guess you might have got a clear idea about the Led Light Health Benefits. So shift to harmless and stylish led lights and enlighten your world with the safest led lights and be protected.


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