Top 12 Websites to Learn PHP Free Online
Top 12 Websites to Learn PHP Free Online

If you are wishing to learn php of your own then this guide is just for you. Do you know that most of the popular platforms and famous websites like wordpress, facebook are made of PHP Language. To learn PHP you do not want to go to any institutes or no need to pursue any course, you can learn of your own.

Before few years there were not much resources to learn new things , now after the evolution of internet everything has completely changed, you can find any answers to your questions through Internet. Yeah here i am gonna sort out few and best resources and website where you can learn PHP free online of your own.

PHP Manual:

PHP Manual is a free resource where you can learn PHP of your own. It's the official manual of PHP Languages. You can find all basics to advanced topics here, you can learn everything regarding PHP here , also you will be able to use it in your mobile too as it's mobile friendly, you can read it out in your leisure time and learn in a very simple way.


PHP tutorial by W3schools is one of the best resource for learning php online. You cannot find out any guide here but you can make it up with the syntax and small topics. This is free but if you need certification then it would cost $95.

PHP 101:

PHP 101 is best free resource for the beginners, you can learn php through a lot of examples and exercises here. Vikram Vaswani who is the CEO of Melonfire has written every tutorials here. The coding will be very easy to understand as a newbie itself, after completing  the tutorial you will learn to create a simple RSS news aggregator via PHP.


Tizag is a free resource to learn php online. Here you will find the Commands, definition and methods of PHP. you will learn how to use them in a simple way. It would be like you learn from a textbook.

Killer PHP:

Killer PHP is a free resource where you will learn some particular topic about php and leave out. You will find videos of this php codes and syntaxes. If you need to learn PHP as earlier as possible you would go with this website.

PHP Buddy:

PHP Buddy is also a free resource where you will find limited screenshots, articles, lessons and programs of php.

Practical PHP Programming:

The name says everything, yeah this is a free resource where you do everything practically and will find detailed explanations and programs for each topics and it's very easy to understand too. You will find exercises to practice out what you have learned in the chapters. There will be added similar resources available after every chapter.

Learn PHP Tutorial:

This is a free resource too , here you will find number of videos that will explain you clearly about the basics of php and a great resource for beginners as it explains everything visually. You will find many practices to solve out so that it would be easy for you to understand.

PHP with MYSQL Essential Training from offers this course for 11 hours. You can also sign up for a 7 day free trial if you don't have some active subscriptions. THis would be the great ones for the newbies because there will be lecturers who will teach you all the basics through videos. You can download videos and learn everything. After 7 days trial , the price ranges according to the course you choose. It would vary from $19.99 to $29.99.

Stack Overflow:

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site where you will find answers for all your questions. You can find a lot of experienced programmers out here who sort out answers for your questions, you could learn many things from them. This is one of the best resource for the new beginers.

E-Learning Center:

E-Learning Center helps you in learning how to create a dynamic website using PHP and MYSQL quickly. You will find lot of online resources there which will help you to create a dynamic applications.

Sitepoint PHP:

Sitepoint is a free php resource which is mostly applicable for intermediate and expert php programmers. They can stay updates with the recent changes. It doesnt means its not suitable for beginners, it suits for them too. You will find tutorials in the form of articles.

The above listed resources are the famous and best ones, here are some of other resources too where you can learn php quickly online.

Good PHP Tutorials, 1Keydata, PEAR, PHP the Right Way, PHPAcademy Youtube channel,PHP Cheatsheets, Learn Php Interactive tutorial, Tuts plus, PHP Video tutorials, PHP freaks, Develop PHP, PHP tutorial, Bento Php Resources, Home and learn php tutorial, PHP tutorials for beginners from WebMonkey etc…

Though you may find a lot of resources online few may not prefer this one because just you only has to learn all things of your own, sometimes you will be confused of some topics , at that time there will be no one to guide you. So there are other ways to learn PHP too. There are a lot of PHP training institute who are providing many types of php courses. You can choose the best and the suitable course from them.

If you are looking for some perfect and a best Php Training institute in Chennai , you can get into Carvinc Consultancy Services who are providing a best practical industry PHP training with placement assurance. Apart from PHP the professionals who are interested in learning various IT courses such as the dot net, Java, software testing, IOS and Linux can make use of it.

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