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ToothShower is the world’s first complete oral care solution for the shower that does away with the need for flossing. It’s easy to use and will fit right into your morning routine. Powered by the water in your shower, ToothShower cleans 100% of teeth surfaces, every nook and cranny of your teeth, not just 60% like the average brushing. Toothbrushing misses between your teeth where gum disease can start.

Let’s face it: no one likes to floss. In an age of so much tech advancements making our lives easier, it’s crazy to think that we’re still rubbing a string in between our teeth to clean them. But gum disease effects over half of Adult Americans, according to the Center for Disease Control. Cleaning between your teeth, where your toothbrush is missing, needs to be a top priority.

ToothShower uses the water pressure in your shower as a power source, so there are no plugs to trip over or batteries to charge. And because you’re already in the shower, there’s never any mess to clean up after.

Plus, flossing isn't even proven to be the best way to clean between your teeth. There has to be a better way, especially since recent research states many people use floss incorrectly or not at all. The American Dental Association recommends cleaning between your teeth at least once a day as an important part of overall oral health. 

 ToothShower has three different attachments for optimum oral care: an irrigating dual-headed toothbrush, an irrigating tip, and an irrigating gum massager.  The dual-headed toothbrush hits both the front and back and sides of your teeth simultaneously, so you won't miss cleaning the tongue side of your teeth.  With silicone bristles on the back of the brush head you can clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Go ahead and use the silicone bristles to brush your tongue too! The irrigating tip flushes water between your teeth like a water flosser (only without the mess to clean-up). This works especially well for braces and to pinpoint spots that your toothbrush can’t reach.  Finally, the irrigating gum massager works with seven jets of water to stimulate important blood flow in your gums and remove debris from between your teeth.  Just hold the massager up to your gum tissue and move from side to side. Our innovative, irrigating gum massager will save you time by flushing between all of your teeth in less than 10 seconds.  Use it in place of the irrigating tip or in conjunction.

Whether you like warmer or colder water, you get to choose the water temperature that matches your personal comfort level.  Don’t worry about where the water goes since you are already in the shower! Flush the debris from your teeth right down the drain. The convenient location enables new healthy habits to start.  ToothShower complies with the FDA guidelines and contains food grade and non-toxic materials. 

With ToothShower, you can add in your own mouthwash or tooth whitener for an even fresher feeling. Heal those bleeding, puffy gums by flushing out the food and bacteria. Then direct an anti-bacterial rinse directly to the inflamed areas. So when you leave the shower sparkling clean, your teeth will be too!

Our team has worked hard for over 2 years to perfect our product. With your support, we will be able to move forward with our tooling and place a bulk first order.  This in turn will bring ToothShower to life and change the future of oral hygiene one shower at a time.


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