ToolMates Hire
ToolMates Hire

The continuation of a success story. 

Toolmateshire is the largest online marketplace for Tools.

Not only residentials but also businesses register to showcase and rent out or sell their products to the Australian market. 

We this kickstarter campaign we are raising funds to develop a new App. 

Our History

We created a online tool-sharing platform. It stores tools and allows customers to search based on tool type and location. Since its establishment in 2016, it has rapidly expanded gaining new members and tool listings on a daily basis.


We plan to expand our platform to other countries as the demand for our service is quickly rising. We want to continue to grow as fast as we have been, open up new product lines and new geographical areas.

What is it good for?

Our first customers were residential but later on we got big yard companies as customers as well. Target customers are tech savvy people who are working on their own home for maintenance or doing renovations. The key issue experienced by our targeted customer group is the ability to rent specific tools on a short term from a close location.

With our construction-industry based insights, large clientele base of industry contacts, and loyal site users, we are confident in our ability to put ToolMates hire on the path to increased popularity. 

How does it work?

At the moment we offer tiered subscriptions and we charge a 10% service fee to renters. We believe we can build a viable business because we know have built a more efficient way for the transactions to happen and the demand for our service is quickly growing. Like many marketplaces, we charge a small fee to the end user for the convenience of using our service. Our suppliers compensate us for the increase on rental volume and we recently implemented an insurance component to add to the revenue stream. In addition we provide Brand advertising for subscribed businesses.

Here a snapshot of what's to come:

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