Toolio Rental
Toolio Rental

Have you ever considered doing DIY work? Have you done DIY work and have tools just lying around? Do you own a construction company, or a store that sells tools? Well, if you fit into any of those categories, Toolio Rental is for you.

Toolio Rental is going to be an online tool rental marketplace, where anyone can rent tools, or post tools for others to rent. Toolio Rental is being designed to make the rental process more social and more simple. With our design process, we aim to make things friendly to both construction companies and DIY'ers. We believe that you will be extremely delighted with our finished product in Q4 2015. 

For any questions about Toolio Rental, please click on the link below-


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Otherwise, please go to the top, and sign up early for Toolio Rental. Thanks!

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