Tone Music Festival
Tone Music Festival

This project has already launched.

Tone is the first of many festivals by Intrepid Media Co. In the producer culture of EDM its hard to get exposure unless you know a well known producer, Have an extraordinary approach to music, or have enough money to pay repost channels. what Tone is designed to do is to give those smaller producers exposure to a large crowd and also industry professionals like label bosses, managers, other producers, and PR Firms. We carefully hand select the djs to perform based on Approach, Track Quality, and Set quality.

Our total budget is expected to be $1 Million for the festival build and equipment and an extra $2,500 for promotion. We are currently seeking the help of several partners


These sponsor will provide travel at a percentage to festival goers and djs, refreshments, ATMs and so on. We are currently discussing an area to host the festival with the City of Chicago mainly eying Northerly Island. The festival is planned for 2018 in August but that is when Chicago weather gets awkward. Updates on the date regularly
Risks and challenges

One big risk is competing for a time slot with React Presents which is larger than Intrepid Media Co but they usually have their festivals in July which is the main reason why we chose August

One or more sponsors could back out is any of the sponsors back out that could set the festival back another year from 2018 which causes the buzz of this long planned festival to tank. Even though this is simple to combat it could still happen which is why we are always in contact with the sponsors and festival goers at least twice a week.

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