TOM: This Pad Will Change Your Life!
TOM: This Pad Will Change Your Life!

This project has already launched.

Finally, a pad designed for the 21st century. Short for The Oxygen Movement, TOM Pads are the world's first oxygen-releasing feminine pad! It's advanced, patented technology allow women to feel fresh, comfortable & unstoppable during that time of the month!

Take a moment to think about your last period...cringeworthy, I know.
Old-school feminine pads leave you feeling damp, itchy, and uncomfortable. What would you give to wear a pad that stays unbelievably dry, has odor-fighting mechanisms, AND is so darn might just forget they're there?

Why Oxygen? Easy.
Oxygen has been shown to fight odor-causing bacteria, even out skin-tone, and destroy humidity. Simply put, it's a dream come true for women who are tired of wearing traditional feminine pads!

TOM Pads bring true innovation to a seriously out-dated product. Here's a brief description on how TOM Pads' technology works:
Within the super comfortable and absorbent layers of the pad, our oxygen-releasing technology is evenly distributed. The formula is 100% food-grade and guaranteed to change your life! Once any moisture/liquid comes into contact with our technology, pure oxygen is steadily generated within the pad environment. Imagine an oxygen facial, but for your vulva :) The result: Dramatically reduced humidity, odor and discomfort, without compromising the absorbency!

If none of these amazing features are enough for you, we hope our charitable focus catches your attention! Our Kickstarter campaign includes many reward packages that give our backers the chance to sponsor young women in India, where 70% of reproductive diseases are caused by poor menstrual hygiene. TOM Pads have been working closely with Arunachalam Muruganantham, the TED talk speaker who invented the world's first low-cost feminine pad machine. In hopes of eradicating the feminine care issue in India, we plan to donate pads to young women who do not have the resources to proper feminine care. Check out our Kickstarter reward packages to see how you can sponsor up to TWO ENTIRE SCHOOLS in India!

Join The Oxygen Movement on Kickstarter and let's change feminine care FOREVER!

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