TOM: The World's First And Only Oxygen Releasing Pad!
TOM: The World's First And Only Oxygen Releasing Pad!

TOM: The Only Pad That Helps Protect Women From Odor-Causing Bacteria. 

  • Microbe Control: TOM disposable pads was designed with your health in mind. Our pads look and function like a traditional pad, but provides much more than just that! TOM pads core technology will slow down the growth of harmful yeast and odor-causing bacteria not only on the pad, but also on the surface of your skin!


  • Patented 3D Oxygen Release Technology: Our pads are the first in the world to actively release oxygen. This not only helps control the growth of harmful anaerobic microbes, but also increases the wearability of the pads. Which could means additional hours of potential wear-time and a dry, fresh feeling! Each pad can release up to 50 milliliters of pure oxygen!


  • Maximum Sustained Comfort: Made using only the finest materials, we provide an ultra-soft top layer which are made of premium non-woven fibers coupled with additional layers of support so you can stay comfortable longer.


  • Safe: We avoid using anything that could be too harsh for you and your delicates. Our core technology has been specially formulated to match the intricate pH balance of a healthy woman's inner intimate area. This slightly acidic pH will be contained within the pad and will not cause irritation! The strains of bacteria that causes BV infections thrive in alkaline and oxygen-free environments, we aim to disrupt that.


  • Light and Invisible: Our pads are designed to be so incredibly light and thin that you just might forget they're there!


  • Going Above and Beyond Industry Standards: We believe in having the highest standards so all our pads will be made to exceed cGMP standards and the FDA standards through rigorous quality control practices.

TOM (time of the month) is what we believe to be a revolutionary product and is the first of its kind. It has been designed with one simple goal in mind: to provide you with benefits that traditional pads cannot.

TOM has included all the functions a traditional pad has...with one key difference: our patented oxygen-releasing technology. It is only activated once any moisture comes into contact with our material. Once activated, it will continously release oxygen for the entire duration of use. Each pad will produce up to 50mL's of pure oxygen, providing much more protection against anerobic odor-causing microbes than traditional pads.

We use only the best of current industry standards, which includes:

  • A premium top layer which is chlorine-free, providing sustained comfort without irritation.
  • The second layer provides a breathable cotton layer to keep the first layer dry, and allowing easy flow.
  • Our third layer is a super absorbent polymer that can absorb up to 5 times more liquid than traditional pads.
  • And the fourth functional layer is our unique oxygen-releasing material. Once any moisture comes into contact with our patented material, a reaction occurs and begins to steadily release oxygen throughout the duration of use. This helps protect women against harmful yeast and odor-causing bacteria that thrive in oxygen-free environments. Each and every pad will produce up to 50mL of pure oxygen.
  • Our last layer is a biodegradable base with a strong, pH-neutral adhesive that will prevent any leakage throughout the day so you have nothing to worry about!

So...How does it work? (Details explained further down after illustrations)

In Summary: 

• TOM is a disposable, feminine pad that actively releases oxygen throughout the duration of use. The pad is currently patented in Taiwan, Japan, and China & patent-pending in the United States.

• The main difference between TOM’s feminine pads and any other traditional feminine pads, is the oxygen-releasing material.


We'd like to sincerely thank you and we really hope you got a kick out of reading all this! Ultimately though, we still need your help to bring our idea to life. So if you can help support us by entering your email on the very top of this page right over the "Get early invite" link and share our campaign with your family and friends, we'd be eternally grateful! :)


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