Token Wallets
Token Wallets

Token Wallets are made to uncomplicate your day, to last a lifetime. Carry your important bits in style. Wallets your hands will love to hold.

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Token wallets offer no gimmicks. They are just genuine minimalist wallets. They give you a lifetime of uses, are designed to appeal to your hands and styled to match your looks.

Why wouldn't you make the upgrade?




The goal is to raise $30,000. The stretch goal of $50,000 allows us to add two colours to the BLAKE and HUXLEY range of wallets; blue and grey. We won't be able to meet the minimum order quantities if we were to offer these extra colours at the $30,000 mark. 

Fees - kick starter and the payment gateway will take their share. The rest of it looks like this:  

FAULKNER - this rewards will take about 38% of the budget. This is mainly due to the two moulds that are needed. The rest of the allocation for this reward will be used to produce FAULKNER in all of its glorious colours. Minimum order quantities will need to be met in order to make all of the colours. 

BLAKE and HUXLEY - needing about 33% of the budget these dashing young chaps only have the minimum order quantities to meet, however their cost per unit is quite high. Two simple slabs of aluminium these are not. A lot of detail goes into each one and they genuinely cost more to produce than a lot of the other aluminium card holders sell for. We did make multiple designs to reduce the costs, however we just got further and further away from what we were trying to achieve. No compromises here.

Elastic straps - just like the wallets, these have a minimum order amount for each colour. Everything else has been taken care of, so its just a matter of sending the money and in return we get straps. These will consume approx 12% of the budget.

Packaging - 9% of the budget; you cant have a sweet looking product in a dodgy ol padded envelope. All of the rewards and future retail items will come in a smick looking tin and sitting pretty surrounded in dark foam. Designed to add a little wow factor. This has of course, a minimum order quantity.

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