To the Edge of the Sky - A BTS-inspired visual novel
To the Edge of the Sky - A BTS-inspired visual novel


Welcome to the official Prefundia page for To the Edge of the Sky, an unofficial fan made BTS-inspired visual novel, originally available in English by Aeon Dream Studios. You have all shown so much support for To the Edge of the Sky and encouraged us to continue and make this game work!

So we would like to take a shot at funding a free version ourselves with your help on Kickstarter this coming October 2017.

We intend to start funding only after we've completed development and sent out rewards from our last Kickstarted projects. 

Current Known Details (all subject to change prior to the launch of the KS!)

  • The game will be FREE.
  • Our new artists for the game are Monz and Hazel.
  • We're planning to release one chapter per guy every 1-2 months (making for seven chapters in every release). 
  • We're looking into premium membership options and merchandise available later on after launch for those who want even more content.
  • We're planning on a masculine and feminine protagonist, with options for chosen pronouns.
  • Each individual guy will have a route focusing on their own storyline, but within those routes, there may be an option for two different paths.
  • These two paths would be called Day and Night. The Day path will feature a lighter-hearted story and the Night path will be darker. 
  • We are working with a composer and pianist who is creating all original BTS inspired pieces for the game. 
  • We'll be sourcing any contractors to work on the game from the ARMY fandom where possible.
  • We'd love to continue with translations, but a full game is a much bigger project than a demo. We'll be looking into localization as possible stretch goals.

Make sure you follow our social media as well for the latest updates!

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You can email us at PHASe[at] aeondreamstudios[dot]com if you need to contact us.

And if you haven't tried our demo yet...

Enter the year 2077 and become Seven, the newest addition to Phantom Alpha, a secret team who operates under the enigmatic government organization known as P.H.A.N.T.A.S.M. After joining, you find yourself befriending the other rookie on the team, an incredibly skilled youth known as Zero. As you meet the other members, you quickly learn that while vastly talented, each of them is clearly much more than meets the eye.

Regardless of your differences, you quickly learn what Phantom Alpha can do. But together, you soon discover that on the other side of the radiant world of light, lies an equally dark world of shadow. Can you brave these worlds and trust the men by your side?

Download the free demo for your computer or Android device here.

Check out an article from SBS PopAsia about famous K-pop Youtuber JRE of JREKML playing the demo here!

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