Titanium Drink Coasters - Grade 5 - Minimal Modern Design
Titanium Drink Coasters - Grade 5 - Minimal Modern Design

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Grade 5 Titanium Drink Coasters

We designed our coaster to be minimal, elegant, strong and most importantly functional. The glass bead finish helps avoid condensation from causing your glass to stick to the coaster. Glass beading also leaves a smooth matte finish that complements all types of different drinkware (see GIF below). We also used a special non-slip neoprene base on the bottom to prevent your coaster from sliding around. As with all of our products, our Titanium Coasters are proudly made in the USA!

They're tough, durable and made for everyday use. Whether at home, in the office or in your own workshop our Titanium Coasters are built to keep your surfaces safe while looking like they always belonged there. Being made from Titanium means they won't shatter, rust, dull or change their beautiful appearance for as long as you own them!

These Pure Titanium coasters are perfect for your workspace whether it's a desk at work, a workshop table or your garage bench. The sleek design fits with any desk setup and keeps your surface protected from unwanted condensation.


We chose to keep the coaster pure, and minimalist. Everything needed, no unnecessary frills. The coaster is 3.50" in diameter and is made from 0.100" thick solid Grade 5 Titanium. It serves its purpose and is thick enough to be sturdy and stable, but still sleek and easy to store and does not take up valuable desk real estate.

We gave the bottom a non-slip neoprene rubber, which has a pattern that increases the surface contact area, allowing the coaster to grip any surface it rests on.

Optional Black Walnut Storage Holder

We designed the storage rack to compliment the dark metallic hue of titanium and look great in any setting. Like the coasters, we also tried to conserve the space, for small tables.  It is made from a solid piece of Black Walnut beautifully treated with food grade mineral oil.

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