TITAN Mixer Bottle ® - World's first mixer bottle that doesn't require shaking!
TITAN Mixer Bottle ® - World's first mixer bottle that doesn't require shaking!

Fitness enthusiasts love brand new products and technologies that are built to fit their needs, however the industry is failing in the most essential of categories: protein shaker bottles.

Current shaker bottles on the market have many similar issues: Clumpy protein shake, messy hard to clean bottles with lingering odors, and no place to store your protein supplement. Shaker bottles don't really mix protein and other supplements efficiently. There are all kinds of blender gizmos and mechanisms out there but the problem is that they flow with the mixture, doing little to actually break up those tough to swallow clumps of supplements. The last thing the user wants to do after an intense workout is another workout just to get the nutrients their body needs.


 The TITAN Mixer Bottle the worlds first mixer bottle that doesn't require shaking. This revolutionary product tackles all shaker bottle problems head on with its patent pending Helix Impeller Technology which creates a vortex within the bottle that mixes your supplements 40% quicker and more efficiently than shaker bottles. The Titan Mixer Bottle’s spinning impeller is also designed to assist with cleaning as well. Just add water, soap and then pump. Watch as it does the cleaning for you. It not only mixes protein supplements but stores them as well. The detachable funnel and supplement cup allows the user to store up to 2 scoops of protein, and be poured into the bottle without removing the lid.

Our team at 5ID ,we dedicate ourselves to design products that are totally disruptive; products that are innovative and goes the opposite direction of the status quote. After dozens of prototypes, we have finally nailed the design, components and materials. For us, this is not just about fundraising; we are also here to ask for help spreading word to all corners of the globe! The sports bottle has evolved..! Lumpy shakes are a thing of the past..! Suport us on Kickstarter.com - May 22th, 2015. 


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