tinted computer prescription shooting glasses clic reading glasses
tinted computer prescription shooting glasses clic reading glasses

Presbyopia, commonly known as presbyopia is a physiological phenomenon is not pathology also does not belong to refractive computer glasses errors, is the visual problems when people age. Adjusting computer eyeglasses ability gradually decreases with increasing age, eye and near vision difficulties that caused patients in close work, must be in its static refractive plus lens to have clear and near vision, this phenomenon is called presbyopia. Presbyopia is directly related to the occurrence and development of and age after age 45, mostly it happen sooner or later and severity is related to other factors, such as the original refractive error conditions, height, reading habits, lighting and general health computer  glasses status, etc. At present, the people for presbyopia, the most computer eyewear commonly used method is to wear presbyopic glasses, but they are literally on the street to buy a pair of wear, there are few specially optometry and mirror to the hospital. This kind of practice is wrong, presbyopic glasses to wear could cause unreasonable eyesight worse and worse, expert clew, should check with reading glasses to professional regular eye hospital, and regularly to the hospital for care. Below the eye hospital experts to introduce the misunderstanding between the everybody when wear presbyopic glasses often have computer eyewear?

The old fitting glasses common misconceptions about four things:

Myth 1: pursue cheap clear line

Street of presbyopic computer glasses eyes tend to the same degree, and distance is fixed, but the vast majority of older people of refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, and eyes aging degree is different, if the glasses casually, not only cannot achieve the best effect, make the old man's vision will generate visual noise, appear the phenomenon such as eye strain computer reading glasses.

Erroneous zone 2: no optometry computer glasses without inspection

With reading glasses before going to a hospital doing eye comprehensive examination, including the far vision and near vision, intraocular pressure and fundus examination. To eliminate cataracts, glaucoma, and after some retinal diseases, can it determine the degree.

Myth 3: wear presbyopic glasses in the end

The old man with the increase of age, degree of presbyopia will deepen. Once presbyopic glasses inappropriate had to change in time, otherwise will bring inconvenience to the elderly life, will also accelerate the eyes aging degree. Presbyopic glasses to use after a long time, the lens will appear the phenomenon such as scratches, aging, falling through light, affect the imaging quality of the lens.

Myth 4: a magnifying glass instead of Anti Glare Computer Glasses

The old man often take a magnifying glass instead of reading glasses. Converted into reading glasses magnifying glass is equivalent to 1000 ~ 2000 degrees, such "indulge" eyes for a long time, such as with match glasses again, it is hard to find the right degree.

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