Tinee: The World's Smallest 128gb USB Drive
Tinee: The World's Smallest 128gb USB Drive

Tinee is a USB drive the size of a Micro SD card which adds an additional 128 GB of storage space to your MacBook , PC or ultrabook . It’s so small, it just slides into the USB port of your laptop and once it’s in, you won't notice it’s there.Tinee solves the problem of MacBook users who run out of storage space very soon because it ships with a limited disk space of a 128 and 256 gigabytes.
Tinee is plug and play, so all you have to insert it into the USB port of your MacBook or PC .

You can add upto 2 tinee USB drives on your macbook which adds up to 256gb of additional storage space and more than 2 in case of PC’s and Ultra books  Tinee just sits inside your USB port of your laptop and can also be removed and used as a removable storage device.
It’s much more convenient than attaching a thumb drive that’s permanently protruding out of your laptop or carrying a bulky hard disk everywhere.

Tinee would be available for $20 for our early backers on indigogo. 


WE ARE GIVING ALL OUR EARLY BACKERS 1 FREE TINEE USB WHEN YOU BACK OUR PROJECT ON INDIGOGO . All you have to do is , go to tinee.in and submit your e-mail or like our fb page and save a unique code sent to you . 

Website: Tinee.in   

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tinee/1579184635682361

For any further information feel free to contact us on : support@tinee.in

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