TinCable: 2 in 1 Lightning-Android Sync & Charge.
TinCable: 2 in 1 Lightning-Android Sync & Charge.

TinCable is 2 in 1 USB Data & Charger for all Smartphone and Tablet Apple - Android Double Speed.




Color: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green

Length: 100 Cm

Sync & Charge cable lets your Smartphone/Tablet with a Computer or Power Bank.

Clear dust Cover.

Injection technology.


Status of the project & next steps

The last five months designing the product and testing the prototypes,
 and now we are finally ready to start the production, but we need your help.
As of today, all the manufacturers are ready to begin production.

•Assemble the product.

•Quality test and inspection.
•Design, produce and manufacture the packaging.

•Shipping to our warehouse.
•International shipping.


There is always a risk that can delay the process before TinCable comes into contact with your hands. We thought it might be good to share some of them so you know what we're dealing with.

Improvements in production: in production there are a couple of parameters that can be improved in the process, such as color. Making these improvements in the process will be to improve your experience with TinCable. We will do everything possible to ensure TinCable with superior quality.

Shipping and customs: When we start shipping there is always the risk that the product get stuck in customs, both when we are receiving products from the factory or shipment to you. We have prepared as well as you can and hopefully there will be no delays.


If you have any question or concern, please shoot us an email at info@gsnetcom.com and we will answer as soon as possible!

Thanks to everyone for the support.

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