Timeless Clock - Old is the new NEW
Timeless Clock - Old is the new NEW

This project has already launched.

We just launched our campaing on Kickstarter: kck.st/2uTkyAS 

What is time? A question never properly asked or answered. In the time of fast food culture, it’s so easy to get, and forget. Timeless Clock – in remembrance of time passed, is our answer to this question.

OLD is the new NEW
We deliberately designed a contrast by combining brass clock face that ages over time against specially treated hands and hour markings. Every day, the clock is changing subtly, but remain new in a sense. Timeless Clock reveals the nature of time while accompanies us all the time, making us treasure more of time and the clock itself.

Semi-finished, individual and unique
Each mark you leave on the clock is unique, witnessing every minute and second you spent. Patina is shaped by the environment, humidity and most importantly, your touch. In a sense, it’s always semi-finished, designed by you and time together.

We went into great length to work on every detail and the look. The brass clock face with 1.2cm thickness and 10cm diameter renders weight, quality and elegance. The subtle markings, made by a complimentary aluminum model and transparent paint under high temperature, are the soul of the clock. The wooden case shaved into slope to give better angle to read time. 

Timeless Clock is our latest addition to Timeless Collection, and we want to present to Kickstarter community to delve into the topic of Time together. 


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