Ties of the Ribbon
Ties of the Ribbon

This project has already launched.

Ties of the Ribbon is a complex layered thriller from London-born director and screenwriter Jason Ferguson.

Having spent the first half of his creative career in music Jason honed his skills for visuals working with some of the biggest UK artists at the Amy Winehouse/ Keane/ Angel. This gave him the creative inspiration for story telling using film and video. 

First envisioned over two years ago, the film has received support from experienced documentary filmmaker Vanessa Van-Yeboah (BBC/Channel 4) and talented colourist Michelle Kort (Ex Machina/ The Crown/ The Kings Speech). In order to create a cinematic, visual masterpiece on a short film budget, we have pulled-in favours from our contacts all over the film industry and some very talented emerging talent including our Sound Design team who have worked with the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Wretch 32, Noam Murro, 20th Century Fox, Biscuit Filmworks, Pantene, Universal Music, Tilney, Grey London and Sony Pictures. Their work and the work of our talented DOP Hax Ahmet, will be key for adding emotion into our visuals. 

We believe this script is strong enough to take it all the way to the big screen but we need your help and support to make this happen!

Ties of the Ribbon follows Mr Violet, a professional in his 30s, throughout a midsummer’s day. 

During what at first appears to be a fairly normal morning, Mr Violet awakes to a flurry of texts from a familiar source but he decides to ignore these throughout the day - could this be a spurned love interest or a worried spouse? 

Mr Violet feeling guilty, decides to make up for this avoidance and stops by his favourite florist’s run by Mr Fairbrooke, to pick up some flowers for them... roses for that special someone, will they be waiting for him at home?

The day comes to a close and Mr Violet rushes back to do some grovelling but we notice something strange about the apartment and more significantly, the bed. 

There seems to have been a struggle and the bedroom door is ajar. Something stirs from underneath the covers and the door shuts...

Ties of the Ribbon has a clear cinematic vision in mind for the production. As the film has very little dialogue the story relies heavily on clear visual storytelling through DRAMATIC and STUNNINGimagery.  The character development around the two central figures in the film is built up through layers that will force the viewer to question motives and encourage them to rewatch the film to see the subtle clues that will all be apparent towards its compelling climax. Our cinematographer and director on this project have a strong passion for immersive and thought provoking filmmaking. Creative camera techniques, immersive sound design and stark colour choices will combine to give the film a strong cinematic aesthetic. There are four central locations where the film takes place. 


The Apartment, this aesthetic is important to give context to the central character and through this we learn some important clues about one of the main characters. 

The Florist, another important component to the story and which ties the central characters together, giving atmosphere and depth. 
The Allotment, which ties all the characters in the film together, the soundscape and camera angles will paint a vivid picture.
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