TickTheBucket 2.0
TickTheBucket 2.0

I hope you are not sitting down...


At TickTheBucket.org we've noticed too many people's dreams and aspirations go unfulfilled.







Being those people we live our lives building grand BucketLists, with ideas like:

  • Learning several languages
  • Riding a unicycle
  • or even travelling by camel naked across the Yemen...




But then we leave our BucketLists to gather dust at the back of our minds... 


At TickTheBucket.org we say... no more!





If you have a BucketList and want to make it happen then we are the guys and gals to go to:



We connect people the world round to inspire each other...





Then share their knowledge...





 and come together to actually do their BucketLists.





....all you have to do is write your list.

... (like our main girl Rosie (pictured right)).





We want to send old ladies to space, toddlers across the Sahara dessert and make your dreams come true today, not because we are saints, far from it, but because we needed something to live for.




Get ready to surf the Tsunami of your potential and sign up to our mailing list now.



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