Thriving, Fighting, Surviving
Thriving, Fighting, Surviving

This project has already launched.

The photography showcase can be broken down as follows: We currently have 9 models in recovery we are working with. We are shooting the disorders which range from Bulimia, anorexia, body dysmorphia, to overeating and over exercising. The models are males, females, ages 16 to mid 30's, all economic standing, different ethnicity, it is a full spectrum group. Each shoot is tailored to specifically that person, each one is unique and different as pertains to each person to show that while the disorder is linked in food every persons looks different.

Following that we are choosing two images the first place choice is being edited and printed into complete canvases for the showcase, the second image is being printed on a canvas that the models will have the opportunity to destroy. This will also be in their own way which tie to the original disorder image, one is using a piece of glass from the mirror that is in hers disorder shoot, another is using her pointe shoe, another cuts and will use that knife to destroy hers, and so on to also make them unique to each person.

The final canvas will be a recovery image, showing the growth and changes everyone has made, this will be a full series. Each person will have a disorder image, a destruction image and a recovery image. That is part one of the project.

The second piece is a documentary piece it will have three portions also, first piece we are working with a bunch of kids ranging in ages from 3-16. We are putting a bunch of questions together that will be asked to all the kids showing how the messages we receive about food starts when we are toddlers and grow as we do over time.

This will transition into the stories of those in the project, those in recovery that are fighting everyday to be in recovery. My youngest for this part will be 17 so the kids go up to 16 and we start the actual recovery group at 17. We have questions to try to lead those stories but we are working with therapists that specialize in this to aide in this project and ensure it is their stories being shared not what we want but their reality.

The third piece of the documentary is with the professionals that work with this disorder, Dr's, therapists and dietitians. They will share the medical side of this and everything from that side. We will put all of this together to create a documentary piece.

The portion I did not plan on that is growing very quickly now is the social media side of this project. I am working with a bunch of people that are either still suffering from an ED, in recovery, or relapsed to share their stories as well. I have some that want to send their own artwork as well that they have created through their own journeys and to share their stories. These are coming from all over the world, England, Australia, the US, Canada it is a global project.

We are working to bring attention to this topic that is so rarely talked about but needs to be recognized and shared. We also have a lot of people reaching out that want to come to the showcase to ask questions and get more information.

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