Thirsty Bear,
Thirsty Bear, "To Love and Be Loved"

This project has already launched.

Initially, Thirsty Bear was founded as a duo by Brent Haviland and Jenny Latzko as a means to have fun and keep their minds happy during the long Indian Summer of fall 2016. However, after playing and singing together for a few weeks, they realized that the blend of their voices was truly unique and their songwriting styles mixed beautifully to create a genre-transcending sound that samples backwoods bluegrass, swampy southern rock, jazz and blues. The happy addition of John Anthime Miller on cello, violin and viola, Eric Hamell on upright bass, and Lucas Rock on percussion created a group of ultra talented multi-instrumentalists and a true collaboration spanning across many genres thanks to the individual backgrounds in classical, indie rock, folk, and jazz that each member brings to the table.

In winter of February 2016, Thirsty Bear began recording a 14 track concept album at Edie Road Recording Studios in Argyle, New York. The sound and lyrical themes of the songs touch on the many aspects of love; bliss, confusion, betrayal, pain, heartbreak, joy, healing and relief, and appeal to many listeners with vast romantic experiences. Each track brings a different feeling to the table; bluegrass-y two-steps, melancholic two part harmonies, powerhouse rock ballads, and even a saucy folk/jazz track or two. The collection ties together to deliver a feeling that is wholesome and complete, start to finish.

Thirsty Bear needs your help! Between the costs associated with the beginning of the recording process and investing in better equipment to improve the quality of their live show, band funding is running low and will not support the completion of the album. "To Love and Be Loved" is so close to being complete, nearly 70% of the way!

Thirsty Bear intends to allocate your generous donation to the following costs:

- Completion of recording process at Edie Road Recording Studio

- Compensation of guest artists contributing to the final touches of "To Love and Be Loved"

- Mixing and mastering the tracks

- Print and generate physical copies of "To Love and Be Loved"

Please be sure to check the different donor levels to see the many incentives offered for your generosity.

Thank you! Big, warm bear hugs from Thirsty Bear to you!

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