There's Poop in my Soup
There's Poop in my Soup



Backer rewards

These are some of the rewards we have lined up for our backers, sign up via the 'Notify Me' button on the left to get access to early bird backer rewards! These include:

Physical Copy of Poop In My Soup | Poop T-Shirt | Poop Soup Bowl | Be A Character in the game


What is Poop In My Soup?

There's Poop In My Soup 2 is a successor to the viral hit There’s Poop In My Soup, a video game about pooping on people's heads.

This sequel is bigger, better and messier than before. You can finally poop with your friends in Online or Local Multiplayer modes and challenge each other with various mini games, It's basically Mario Party with Poop. 

The Team:

K Bros was officially started out two years ago by Nik and Nemke as an independent "studio" aka cloffice (closet converted into an office) in a tiny New York apartment, since then we have published a few titles on Steam and mobile and have moved one door down to a slightly larger apartment, YAY! we're just two brothers who enjoy making games that make people laugh.


Have a look at a preview of our kickstarter video below, we look forward to having you as a backer!



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