Theres Poop in my Soup : Pooping with friends
Theres Poop in my Soup : Pooping with friends

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About this project


There's Poop In My Soup - Pooping With Friends is a successor to the viral hit There’s Poop In My Soup, a video game about pooping on people's heads.

This sequel is bigger, better and messier than before. You can finally poop with your friends in Online or Local Multiplayer modes and challenge each other with various mini games, it's basically Mario Party with Poop. 

The game also features all new exotic locations such as Zombie Land, West World, and a Pirate Ship as well as a special backer exclusive level.








You play as Butty McButtface, a little boy with a butt for a face. He stands on rooftops and poops on the people on the streets below. Each level has it's own to-poo list which must be completed in order to progress. The list may include things like pooping on hipsters, babies, poodles or achieving a certain combo. 

The more to-poo list items the player completes the more power-ups he/she unlocks. Each level comes with its own unique set of power-ups, ranging from poop bombs, to flaming wagons, to army jet poop strikes. 



The game will be available on Mac and PC via Steam, Twitch and Facebook Gameroom. We have partnered up with Facebook Gameroom to ensure that anyone with a Facebook account can play and seamlessly invite their friends to play with them too.







New Places to Poop  

  • Face Pirates on the open sea 
  • Deal with Zombies in a post apocalyptic world 
  • Take a trip to Wild West World and poop on Cowboys and Indians 
  • All backers will have access to a special Backers only level.




 New Features

  • Stop or Slow down time to watch the action unfold in detail
  • Fly around the scene to see your destruction from all angles
  • Use the new mini map for maximum pooping accuracy


Everything is better with friends, even Pooping! You can now play the core game in co-op or vs mode as well as an array of fun game modes.  

Pooping with friends will support Online as well as Local Multiplayer on all platforms.



Mini Games

  • Duel it out with a friend in the Mexican Standoff, see who has the quickest draw and who will get pooped on first. 
  • Poop on your friends as they run around trying to avoid getting pooped on. Be careful not to slip on the poop swirls and make yourself an easy target. 
  • Defend your base against zombies by pooping on their heads. Combat waves upon waves of zombies and unlock power-ups 
  • Splatoon meets Poop in Poop Off, try to outpoo your friends in co-op or vs modes. 


 For your physical rewards we have chosen to partner up with Indiebox to ensure that you receive the best quality and receive it on time, they will be handling the production and shipping of all of the physical rewards, including the box copy of the game.

Reward Tiers

Awesome Wallpaper + Original There's Poop In My Soup Game. Get a rumble in your tummy good feeling that you did a good thing today and a huge thank you from us! 

You'll get the digital copy of the game along with your name in the credits and all rewards from Tier above.

You'll get the digital copy of the game along with Kickstarter exclusive backer level.


Poop with all your friends. Get 4 digital copies of the game + Wallpaper, access to backer level and a copy of Original There's Poop In My Soup Game.

Get 4 digital copies of the game as well as one of the characters named after you + Wallpaper & access to backer level.

Get a Physical Copy of the game + everything in Super Duper Party Pooper Tier.

Get the Butty McButtface Plush + Everything in the Super Duper Party Pooper Tier.

Um, excuse me...You have some Poop on your t-shirt! Get a #PoopSoup T-Shirt + Everything in the Super Duper Party Pooper Tier.

Get the There's Poop In Your Soup Bowl + Everything in the Super Duper Party Pooper Tier.

Have an idea for an item to add to the to-poo list? We will put it int the Game + Receive everything in the Super Duper Party Pooper Tier.

Send us a clip of your voice and we will have it become one of the characters last dying words + Receive everything in the Super Duper Party Pooper Tier.

Provide us with a picture or sketch of yourself or a friend and we will add you into the game + Receive everything in the Super Duper Party Pooper Tier.


Create your very own personal super power with the developers that only you will be able to use in the game + Receive everything in the Super Duper Party Pooper Tier, a T-Shirt, Buttface Plush, Soup Bowl, and IndieBox.

Create the super power that all players will have in the backer level  + Receive everything in theSuper Duper Party Pooper Tier, a T-Shirt, Buttface Plush, Soup Bowl, and IndieBox.


Co-Design a mini game with the developer + Receive everything in the Super Duper Party Pooper Tier, a T-Shirt, Buttface Plush, Soup Bowl, and IndieBox.

For the love of god! Nobody get this one please!

The core single player game is complete, the physics engine has been updated, slow motion and mini map features implemented and the Zombie, Pirate, and Wild West levels complete. 
However we need more time to complete the multiplayer portion of the game, particularly set servers up for online multiplayer and finish up all of the mini games. If we are successfully funded we will also be creating the Kickstarter Backer level and all of the characters that come with our rewards to you. Putting the game somewhere around 80% complete currently.

Why Kickstarter?

Initially we had planned to do a straightforward sequel to the game but what we noticed over the past year while watching the community interacting, creating and sharing their own content, is that you made it so much more than we ever could have on our own. This game is yours as much as it is ours. We hope that together we can create something bigger, that is why we want your involvement in this. We want all the backers involved from the beta phase of development which we will be streaming live on twitch until release and beyond. We can only come up with so many poop puns on our own!  
We get a lot of tweets and emails from fans telling us how much fun they had playing The Original There's Poop In My Soup with their kids or their partner or friends so adding multiplayer for us has become very important. We want to allow people to play and laugh together. 
Even mean pirates go to heaven!
Even mean pirates go to heaven!
Unfortunately this also comes at a cost in development time, particularly around creating online support. This is why we need your financial backing. Further to that we would like your involvement to make this game supersede the reach of the first. Even if you are only able to pledge $1, welcome on board! (*edit Please for the love of god nobody pledge $10,000 - Nik)   
We’re not here to change the world but if we can make people play together and laugh, even for a couple of minutes, we have done our job and we think that the world could do with a lot more of that.  
Thank you for your support!
These sweet tunes were created by “The Missing Link” we discovered him on youtube when searching for some tracks for the first game and it was a match made in heaven!  
We would love it for Link to, with your support, compose all new custom tracks for the game, we couldn’t imagine it without him! 



K Bros was officially started out two years ago by Nik and Nemke as an independent “studio” aka cloffice (closet converted into an office) in a tiny New York apartment. Since then we have published a few titles on Steam and mobile and have moved one door down to a slightly larger apartment, YAY! We’re just two brothers who enjoy making games that make people laugh.
We have since been joined by Joyce, the girl who will most likely be answering all your questions and who does a hell of a job at managing our community and marketing and Giorgi who is responsible for creating all the weird long necked butt face people and environments.  
And we cannot forget Bentley the dog with his big ears and fancy name who thinks everyone he meets is the best thing since sliced bread.


THANK YOU We’re eager, nervous and excited all at the same time about this campaign and we hope that we got you excited about being part of this game too! We look forward to having you on board and thank you so much for taking the time to scroll this far down!








Risks and challenges

There are always risks and challenges associated with making video games. Fortunately we have most of the game complete and our biggest challenge at this stage would be to implement the online multiplayer portion of it. We have created and published a few games with a similar scope (this will be our third poop game) and are well equipped to see this one through to the end and deliver on time. Unforeseen circumstances do occur however and there is a possibility that the game is delayed by a couple of weeks due to unexpected technical issues and will do our best to make sure it does not happen. We are aware that this is always a possibility and delays do happen, however we have never failed to deliver a game in the past and do not intend to change this for this or future titles. We also recognized that we are not professionals in creating and distributing physical merchandise so we have partnered up with IndieBox who has done dozens of Kickstarter campaigns to ensure that the rewards are of a high quality and are delivered to you on time.

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