Theme Based Photography Contest Website
Theme Based Photography Contest Website

Project Description

The project involves the creation of a website where the photography competition will be hosted. It also involves the supply of custom themes for each competition. Those (contestants) who would be involved in this competition would be adequately rewarded.

But there are already so many photography contest websites?

Yes. Even though there exists so many photography contest websites, those ones are usually meant for professionals. There are a lot of contest websites out there that are not known to many people. We would target the locals and this would be achieved through mouth-to-mouth advertising. We would not be interested in making our websites popular but to help people to discover their photography talents. Our attention would be channeled towards the exploration of the Indian culture and her traditions just more as we focus on photography. There are so many festival celebrations in India that people are not even aware of. We would concentrate more on the regional cultures of India.

Moreover, we shall manage a few contests depending on other themes.

Is $10,000 sufficient for this project?

It is not enough. We are only going to manage it through the beginning and the launch of this project. After the launch, we shall arrange sponsorship through the local people. Marketing and advertising fundamentals is going to be useful for generating funds later on.

If I can’t fund this project from here?

To be able to fund this project, I shall cut down my expenses and concentrate on saving money which would be later channeled towards the project. Another alternative to lessen the effect of expenses which would be incurred on the execution of this project would be to execute the project in phases which clearly would take longer before the whole project gets executed.

Capability to execute this project?

As an experienced Computer Engineer and currently undertaking a Masters degree in Software Engineering, I think I am qualified enough to handle this project. With the blueprint I already have designed for this project, I would organize the best of people to create a formidable team that would see to the successful completion of this project.


Expenditures of the funds?

The funds will be channeled towards the creation of a superb website, it’s hosting over a secured server, marketing materials, prize money for initial contests and other miscellaneous expenses which might arise.

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