THeM - Thermal Mat
THeM - Thermal Mat

TheM - Therma Mat

Coming to Kickstarter September 18th, 2015 the ultimate place mat for your dining pleasure - TheM!

TheM keeps your hot food at the ideal eating temperature for 45 mins to 60 mins. No need for charging, wires or batteries required.

The mat is not hot to the touch and therefore very kid friendly. So place THeM on your table and just place your hot dishes and plates on top and eat happy!

... wire-less, no batteries and no recharging
… the design is very clean, modern, cutting edge and modern.
… dishwasher safe
… keeps food at ideal eating temperature
… easy to store
… never having to reheat while dining

  • A PCM gel pad was developed that improves the heat retention by 52% above 150oF and provides for ~163 minutes above 140oF.
  • The PCM pad is microwavable and freezable.
  • The PCM pad maintains flexibility at temperatures where the PCM is solidified.
  • The PCM is “green”, sustainable, GRAS and food approved.
  • The PCM can be integrated into the current pad and mfg. process.

For More information Go To: GreenLama - Delivering Innovation


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