Almost every one of us has forgotten our wallets at restaurants, offices, shops or even at our own houses only to lose them eventually forever. Millions of people lose their wallets every year, some unlucky ones have been a victim of wallet theft too. Losing your wallet is always an agonizing experience. The loss of valuable cash, the arduous task of cancelling of credit/debit cards & re-applying for government IDs cards can now be avoided thanks to Voyager Smart Wallet. Curious much? Read on to know more.

Voyager Smart Wallet - Design

We believe that the key to Smart Wallet design lies in retaining the look and feel of a traditional leather w Designed to integrate Chipolo® Smart Chip technology, that syncs with your phone, the Voyager Smart Wallet works seamlessly out of the box. 

A simple swipe & tap to switch on your smartphone's Bluetooth is all that is needed to connect Voyager Smart Wallet to your smartphone. What follows is pure magic!

  1. Get instant notifications when your wallet is left behind. 
  2. Get an alarm sound on your wallet when your phone is left behind. 
  3. To find your wallet's location, simply ring it from your smartphone. 
  4. To find your smartphone simply ring it by double tapping the wallet, the best part is the phone starts ringing even if it's on silent mode. 
  5. Need help taking a group selfie? Simply double tap the wallet! 

That's how easy your life becomes with Voyager Smart Wallet. 

But, Voyager isn't just about Smart Technology it's about clever functional design too. Need a wallet to fit in a Pen, Passport/Passport size booklet, flight boarding pass, cards, all international currencies, sim card & sim tool yet fitting right into your pocket? 

Look no further than the Voyager Smart Wallet, which is designed to meet all your carrying needs. Handcrafted with Premium Fine Grain leather, the wallet is delightful to hold too. 

Smart. Functional. Beautiful.  

 Choose from our three eye-catching colours 

 Voyager Smart Wallet can fit the following as a minimum:


About Us

We, at Cuir Ally, are redefining the way you carry. Our products are designed around what it needs to carry and not the other way round. This ground up minimalistic design approach has helped us eliminate the clutter and focus on what’s important to give you products which speak for themselves. They speak of the countless hours that were spent on them to make them more functional, ergonomic and of course, better looking.

With this crowdfunding campaign, we are aiming to raise capital for the worldwide retail launch of the smart wallets so that customers can now touch, feel and experience our products during purchase.  

We are in it for the long run and have another 8-10 exciting products in the pipeline this year, with your support we shall be able to launch sooner globally. When it comes to leather, we are your best Ally. That much we promise, now and always.

Get your Voyager Smart Wallet now, simply because its never going to be available for these hugely discounted crowdfunding prices. This is a one-time affair so make the most of it!


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