The World's Most Beautiful Flask
The World's Most Beautiful Flask

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The classic hip flask reimagined and handcrafted with natural materials: whiskey barrels, ceramic stoneware, and magnets.

The Bernard Flask is a ceramic hip flask with a handcrafted wooden cap from either reclaimed whiskey barrels or black walnut. It comes in 5 matte glazes and one glossy glaze.

















Why a Flask?




Say the word "flask" and inevitably one image comes to mind—a cheap, mass produced, metal container that has a telling little gold sticker on the bottom.

However, we use these cheap containers to hold some very precious liquids. Regardless if it's whiskey, gin, rum, or tequila, liquors tell stories of farmers, family recipes, and the effort of the distillers who craft them. To us, drinking from a tacky flask diminishes the experience of enjoying an artisanal spirit. 

Therefore, we created the Bernard Flask in order to make a vessel that was worthy of the liquid it holds. We wanted to reimagine the classic hip flask with materials that have character and complemented the story of craft liquor. 

We call it the Bernard Flask in homage to the folklore of the St. Bernard dogs of the Swiss Alps. The dogs wore a wooden cask of brandy around their necks in order to revitalize a lost and weary hiker's spirit. That's our aim as well, to give you a vessel with which to revitalize your spirit.

The Flasks — 2 Woods, 6 Glazes













First, the vessel is slip casted from stoneware in Portland, Oregon by ceramic artists. After casting, the vessels are hand-trimmed, glazed, and stamped. We use stoneware for its strength and insulating qualities.


Each flask is available with either a cap milled from black walnut or reclaimed whiskey barrels/white oak. The barrels are sourced from a local Washington, DC distillery, and the charred wood from the barrel firing is retained on the top of each cap. 


Two sets of strong neodymium rare-earth magnets are inset into the vessel and cap. This unique magnetic closure provides a leak-proof seal and completes the story of using materials from the earth.








We always wanted to keep the design subtle and functional. We kept the slight curvature of the classic hip flask, which allows the item to be stored discretely in a jacket breast pocket or more causally in a back pocket. 






Our flask contains only materials that are completely manufactured in the USA. All labor is performed in Portland, OR and Washington, DC.


Just as no two pieces of wood are the same, no two flasks are the same. Each has subtle variations that prove it was made by hand and is one-of-a-kind. 






 ADD ON: Monogramming and Custom Engraving

Flasks can be engraved with initials or company logos. Add the amount shown below to your pledge, and we'll contact you after the campaign for your details. 

For monogramming, pick up to 3 characters from either of the two fonts below, Futura and Baskerville. +$19/flask.

For custom branding, simple designs work best. Be mindful of overly detailed designs. Designs must fit into a 0.75"H x 2.0"W rectangle. +$29/flask.








 Buy One, Plant One

It is important to us that the Bernard Flask has a story that comes full circle. Since we are taking something from the earth, it is only fitting we put it back. For every flask sold we'll plant a tree, and to do this effectively and in the most needed areas, we've partnered with The Nature Conservancy and their Plant a Billion Trees campaign.


Pledge $20: Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener 

Can't commit to a flask? That's alright. Help us use some of our leftover barrel staves by pledging for one of our handcrafted bottle openers.







 The Team


Bernard Goods is a partnership between fine furniture maker, Jason Hebert of WoodInspire and product designer, Russell Hawkins. After many late nights of collaborating and prototyping, we are ready to bring the Bernard Flask to Kickstarter. We need the community's help in funding the first batch of flasks. Since our flask is entirely handmade in America, the cost of materials and labor is high. However, the quality of the product speaks for itself. Thank you so much for your support! 

All the best,

Russell and Jason


 Sharing is Caring #bernardflask

Even if you can't make a pledge, sharing our project with your followers makes a huge, huge difference. Use the hashtag #Bernardflask to help get the snowball rolling!
















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