The World's Most Affordable
The World's Most Affordable "Automatic" Sit-to-Stand Desk


From sketches 


To the computer


To reality




Seductive. Black-on-black.


 Classic. White-on-black. 


 Styling shoes. 




Let us introduce you to our version of the "easy button.” Ready? Press and hold the up/down control button for 2 seconds and let go. The desk will automatically elevate/lower, completely hands-free. Once the desk reaches your desired height, just tap the up/down button again to stop the desk in place. It’s that simple.

Other standing desks require you to continually hold down the control button when raising/lowering your desk, or you have to use a manual crank. We wanted to add more simplicity in your life so you can focus on more important things.


2 button control (base model)


 Memory control with 4 preset options (deluxe model) 




The desk can lift up to 225 lbs. Okay, okay…it can actually lift more, but let’s keep things on the safe side.




We designed a customized motor - working with a supplier with over 20 years experience in motor design and manufacturing - that balances reliability, power, and price. Several other standing desk companies use two powerful motors, which have the lifting capacity over 400 lbs but cost you a fortune. There’s no point in paying extra for what you don’t need.










We lied. There’s actually NO maintenance required. As long as you use the desk as instructed, don’t worry about anything else.


A sleek and sexy way to manage all your essential power cords. We designed this optional “vanity tray” so you’d never have to worry about messy power cords dangling everywhere from your desk or worrying about if your cords are long enough.

When you raise the desk, if your power cords are too short your devices could either unplug or drag your device off your desk into the ground. Both of which could cause damage to your precious monitor, ipad, iphone, or any other device on your desk.

Our vanity tray (cable management tray)


Surge protector parking spot  


 Grommet Hole Hybrid 






If you already have a desk surface you want to use or buy from somewhere else, then simply buy our frame and add your top. We’ll even throw in the proper screws in the frame’s packaging. =)


Staying healthy, happy and productive is hard. Tell me one other way that as easy as standing, which can give you all those benefits? That's why sit-to-stand desks will be the new work place essential item for the home and office.






Desk Surface 

  • Laminate:       Frosty White or Midnight Black  
  • Bamboo:        Natural 1




Frame Height 

  • Range: 28” to 45” (without top) - supports someone 6’3” 
  • Frame weight: 61 lbs (with vanity tray + 8lbs) 
  • Dimension: 28.5” (depth: foot), 23.5 (depth: top bracket), 28” (height: floor to top), 50” (width: entire frame)

Capable dimension for tops: 

  • Min size - 24” x 50” 
  • Max size - 35” x 65”


  • Lift capacity: 225 lbs (without top) 
  • Speed: .6 -.75” per sec, depending on weight load 
  • Noise: 55 decibels during transition 
  • Usage: 1 transition every 3 mins Overheat protection: motor will temporarily shut down to protect against overheat damage to the motor. Allow at least 1 hour cool down time. 
  • Electricity: 110v/50hz - USA 220v/60hz - International available




Over the last several decades, scientists and medical researchers, including experts at NASA, have found that breaking up sitting with standing intermittently throughout the day is better for you than once a day exercise. Standing time contributes to improving your mind (productivity, creativity, & focus), mood (increases overall happiness, reduces depression & anxiety), and health (adds years to your life, contributes to weight loss, curbs many diseases, & reduces back pain).


The funds we obtain through the Kickstarter campaign will go towards purchasing tooling for production and increasing manufacturing efficiency.














We are really, truly excited about this project - and not just because we created it. StandDesk is more than just a product: it is a step in the right direction to change the lives of people everywhere, for the better. Supporting this project is an acknowledgment that we do indeed have a health problem in the US - but more than an acknowledgment, it is taking action to change our ways. For ourselves. For our children. For generations to come. And you can get a pretty sweet desk while you're at it ; )

You are our support system. You have the power to make it happen. So if you have any questions, concerns, or want to share any cool insights, message us! We are real people who would love to hear from you.

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