The World's First Sleeping Bag Hammock || Bison Bag
The World's First Sleeping Bag Hammock || Bison Bag

It's as if a sleeping bag had a baby with a hammock.

Created proudly by a couple who loves the outdoors and wants to spread the outdoor love!

Growing up in a family of ten, camping or taking long backpacking trips comprised of endless amounts of gear. My family had a fifteen passenger van and a large trailer that we would pack full of people and supplies. On our annual camping trips, we usually brought with us anywhere from 3 to 5 tents, plus ten sleeping bags, and ten camping pads. If you can imagine, that is a lot of gear and it takes up a lot of space. 

I remember on one of our hiking trips, my brother and I had to split the tent, him carrying the poles and stakes while I carried the actual tent. Our packs were heavy and full. How much easier would those trips have been if we did need tents, didn't need pads and all just slept in Bison Bags?! Less items, easier packing.

Now my fiance, Lance, and I are trying to continue these traditions, but this time around we want to do it as minimalistic as possible. 

That being said, we are proud to introduce the Bison Bag || The World's First Sleeping Bag Hammock! 

The awesome thing about a Bison Bag is everything (sleeping bag, hammock, rope, carabiniere) all fit within the sleeping bag bag. Thus you don't have to worry about forgetting anything and you don't have to add an extra 20 pounds to your pack (or car) carrying stuff that you dont need!


We wanted something minimalistic and simple! To start out with we'll do a simple forest green. Eventually we want to branch out to other colors but because of the minimum quantity order set by our manufacturer, we wont be able to do that unless we at least double our goal.


Size: 180X 75cm/rectangle 

Material: 170T polyester/ pu coating 

Filling: polyester microfiber 220gsm 

Zipper: #5 double head 

Temp: 55 degree, the perfect summer bag.

Who are we?

We met just about a year ago and are getting married May 31 of this year! Yeah thats right, we're getting married before this kickstarter even ends!

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