The world's first period & leak-proof swimwear by Modibodi.
The world's first period & leak-proof swimwear by Modibodi.

This project has already launched.

Modibodi Swim is your clever new Modibodi™ cosi. This swimwear is as sassy as it is sustainable. It protects you while you’re in and out of the water by being TOTALLY leak-proof, so you can wear it on your period (with or without back-up*) and for safekeeping if your pelvic floor is prone to leaks. With innovative patent pending technology, the fabric dries super fast, won’t stain and fights odour too. You won’t want to take this life-saving cosi off all summer!

Thousands of women are loving our award winning, leak-free, absorbent ‘go with the flow’ knickers; we felt it was time to revolutionize swimwear, and have launched Modibodi Swim.


“We are super excited to be launching a revolutionary swimwear range. At Modibodi, we love busting through barriers and breaking boundaries and we felt it was time to make a splash ready for the Aussie summer. It became clear that the swimwear industry lacked innovation and there were no other swimsuit brands on the market that could provide protection fused with fashion, we decided to change that,”

- Kristy Chong, Modibodi Founder


It has taken 12 months of rigorous research and sourcing the planet to find the right fibres and fabrics along with 6 months of testing our garments on everyday women. Every test has led to the final product we developed and we know you are going to love it!  


What makes Modibodi’s exclusive patent pending Modifier Swim Technology so unique?

Modibodi’s Modifier Swim Technology catches sneaky leaks and period flow (holding up to 1.5 tampons of fluid), it features dry-fast water repellent fabric, it fights bacteria and odour and keeps you dry in and out of the water.

Modibodi Swim Cosi’s are so advanced, they are water repellent, drying 3 times faster than any other swimwear on the market (on the inside and out!). This means you can wear your cosi from beach to bbq without a drip in sight or ca care in the world!


This range is about more than just comfort and style. Modibodi’s mission goes beyond fashion – it’s about changing our impact on the environment, women’s expectations and lives one cosi at a time. Modibodi’s game changing swim range is available in two styles including the Set Me Freestyle leak-proof one-piece and Got Your Backstroke leak-proof active bikini. Sizes range from pre-teens to ladies AU18 in selected sizes. Both styles are pool and beach friendly. The Modibodi Swim range is also Vegan.


The Modibodi Swim range is available from 10th October as pre-order. Launch offer for the first 30 days only will be 30% off future cost.

We believe that making positive change should be as easy as changing your undies and now swimwear. Which is why every time you put on your Modibodi Cosi, you’re making a sustainable impact. Not just for yourself, but for every bodi on the planet.


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