The World's First Mechanical Tourbillon Watch On Kickstarter
The World's First Mechanical Tourbillon Watch On Kickstarter

The World's First Mechanical Tourbillon Watch On Kickstarter

The Phantoms Dark Soul is a mechanical watch with an authentic Tourbillon that is stylish, affordable and mesmerizing to look at.

The first Phantoms tourbillon watch, Dark Soul, a mechanical watch that consists more than 180 pieces of individually manual assembled components. Combining chronological theory and aesthetic design by providing the accuracy of time that shows the beauty of dynamic luxury with a complex human invention.

We have created this flagship design from scratch with our expertise who have worked in the biggest luxury watch brand. With years of experience, we also have a talented team who worked in different luxury consumer goods industries.

For the past 2 years, we have been researching and developing our customized movement. Developed multiple designs and styles to match the current luxury watches market for young adults. Design inspiration coming from aerodynamic streamline of water crafts and speedboats. 

Started off from a simple sketch and turned it into a masterpiece took countless hours of hard work injecting the “soul” into the container until the last piece of screw assembled.

The Dark Soul requires special structural design and focuses on the high manufacturing accuracy. The high standard of quality is our priority.

We partnered up with the best watchmakers who produce watches for luxury brands for more than 50 years. Mechanical watches have a complicated manufacturing process, and a mechanical watch with a complex complication like a tourbillon has an even more complicated manufacturing process. Creating the mechanical movement of the watch takes an immeasurable amount of time by putting hundred pieces together with strict quality control and cutting-edge competence. Our professional watchmakers also have a very keen eye for details to do such precise installment.

We believe that every single watch we created are different, even with the same design and style. Like all of us, the Phantoms Dark Soul is one of a kind and absolutely unique. When we create watches, we want to stay original. We are creating a signature style with the Phantoms Dark Soul, a style that does not bear any resemblance of other watches. Unlike the mass produced watches where you find in every other store, only 100 of this design will be made exclusively. The Dark Soul will become our legendary flagship watch forever.


We love the art of watchmaking and we are passionate about our own watches. As a watch collector, we are very technical on the material used on the watches. Stainless steel casing is the best to protect the movement from impact, with a long lifespan and high strength to weight ratio to prevent scratches. The stainless steel we use are 316L for the case and band and 316F for the crown. The reason why we use 316 grades of stainless steel are because they are also used on high-end luxury watches and architectures like the some of the world's tallest skyscrapers.


The reason why this perfectly finished watch can be so cheap comparing to other luxury brands is because we are cutting out the retailers and distributors at the moment. However, if you go to a watch shop, any other luxury mechanical watch with an authentic tourbillon will be at least 10 times more than what you can get for now! Don’t miss the chance.



Nothing can stop us from creating awesome watches. Let us walk you through why are we different.

First of all, there are many technical aspects that make the Phantoms Dark Soul one of the most complicated watches on the market. Most watches on the market are mass produced battery powered Quartz watch. They can be cheaply produced because of the lower skill set needed and the cheaper material used in creating Quartz movements. They are powered by battery that usually need to be recharged every 18 months and the battery might leak if you leave it for too long. Quartz movements have a very simple structure and very useful as a timekeeper, just like any phone and computer. It is also why they can be cheaply produced without much craftsmanship required. Some would pick a quartz movement watch, because they are cheaper, easy to maintain and widely available on the market.

On the other hand, mechanical watches function without a battery. They are made up with hundreds of pieces of parts powered by energy that was stored inside the watch. The energy source can be separated into automatic and manual winding. The difference between the 2 mechanisms is that automatic winding are powered by the motion of the watch’s wearer and manual winding means the energy can be stored for x amount of time before the watch wearer needs to wind the crown( twist the knob where you adjust the time). Mechanical watches definitely take more skills and craftsmanship for watchmakers to create because there are no machine on earth that can assemble these little pieces together flawlessly like our watchmakers do. It takes countless hours and intensive labor to produce a single piece of mechanical watch. The fine polishing skills, complexity of the movement and high quality material used are the major reasons why mechanical watches cost so much. Some appreciate it as an aesthetic artform, some see through the history of human invention.

We live in a world where everything seem to be powered by computers. Without computers keeping the time for us, how do we know what time is it? Human have a long history of timekeeping, creating machines from scratch to tell us the passage of time. Simply imagine the gears inside these mechanical watches rotating as every second passes by. You will find it fascinating how on earth do these complex mechanical machines work to keep us informed with the time.

 The Phantoms Dark Soul is an art created by a group of watch collector and enthusiasts. The biggest difference between our watch movement and other luxury brand watch movement is that our watch has an even more complicated mechanism, a Tourbillon. Aside from the captivating aesthetic look of the tourbillon showing at the 6 o’clock, with the escapement of the watch showing a cage constantly rotating on it’s own axis. This mechanism was created to eliminate any time variations that gravity might potentially have on the wrist watch when it is worn vertically on the wrist. This is a technology only highly skilled watchmakers can create. A Tourbillon can only be created with precision and perfection, a slight error on the weight distribution of a piece of bad polished component can have unfathomable effect on the accuracy of timekeeping. Being one of the pinnacles of horological achievement, the creation of tourbillon is definitely a truly impressive engineering feature. This is why, the Phantoms Dark Soul is one of the most complicated mechanical watch with a high collectible value.


As this will be a phenomenal piece of artwork, we have created a breathtaking packaging for collectors who might wish to showcase this watch. We have created this packaging from scratch and worked with engineers to create an elegant display that can be used as a protective case or displaying box at the same time. By only using high quality material sourced by the founders of Phantoms Tourbillon, we want this to be a perfect piece as we appreciate it as a watch collector.

Each Phantoms Tourbillon watch will receive a VIP card, which has a serial number printed on it matching with the serial number engraved on the back of the watch. You will see how each tourbillon will only have 100 piece in total in the serial number printed like the following code, PHTW 001 - 00. 

The first tourbillon we produced will be marked as PHTW001- 00, being the first piece available. The last piece that we will be producing will be marked as PHTW001-99, being the last piece that will be available for this particular design and color.

Each piece will be unique and receive a 2 year warranty for free. After the 2 years mark, depending on the problem of the watch, we can still fix any problem of the watch and will be responsible for it forever.

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