The World's Easiest 30 Gallon Designer Aquarium
The World's Easiest 30 Gallon Designer Aquarium

                                                       EverClean Aquarium

    The aquarium that change the way you keep fish.  No more vacuuming, no hassle!




The benefits and challenges of owning an aquarium

Aquariums are not just pretty décor objects that brighten up a room. It has been proven that  looking at a nice aquarium is one of the most reliable and efficient natural ways of lowering blood pressure and relaxing mind.  Children who are hyperactive most of the time have the tendency to slow down when having a fish tank around.  

However, since an aquarium is a small enclosed ecosystem, to keep an aquarium in good shape, fish waste must be removed out of the ecosystem on a regular basis, this present the biggest challenge of owning an aquarium, because all the fish waste are trapped on the bottom of the fish tank, if you own a regular aquarium, you either have to vacuum them out with a siphon tube yourself or pay someone $50 -$80 an hour to do the dirty, messy and time consuming chore for you.


The Solution - EverClean Aquarium 



EverClean Aquarium is the perfect combination of a patented EverClean Filter and a designer acrylic fish tank.  It is the only aquarium in the world that is able to remove fish waste from the bottom of the fish tank to the top of the fish tank for easy cleaning.  If you own an EverClean Aquarium, the EverClean Filter will do the dirty, messy and time consuming chore for you, you just sit back, relax and enjoy your aquarium.

Not only it is very easy to clean, it looks very beautiful too.  EverClean Aquarium looks and feels totally different from the regular aquarium you can find in the market. You don’t see the messy lighting and filter, everything is well organized and clean. The tank is made from high quality acrylic, the decorating panel is made from a whole piece of acrylic sheet that make the aquarium surface looks very smooth and high glossy.  The four corners are finished with beautiful clear acrylic post, and the top is covered with a thick clear acrylic sheet, there is also a feeding hole on the top for you to feed the fish easily.  The aquarium package comes with everything you need to start an aquarium, just add gravel, water and fish.



1.  Extremely easy to clean, no vacuuming, no hassle.

2.  Stylish and elegant design that fits any home or office settings

3.  Easy to setup, simply place it on top of a sturdy furniture like a console table. 

4.  Extremely low maintenance cost.  Unlike regular aquariums that require the owner keep spending on supplies and accessories.  An EverClean        Aquarium virtually requires no spending on supplies and accessories, the durable filter pads can be reused many times.



Dimensions         :   24 ” x  13 3/4”  x  24 1/2”
(L X W X H)            (61cm x 35cm  x 62cm)

Tank Material      :   Cell cast acrylic

Tank Capacity     :  30 gallon (115 liters)

Weight(empty)    :  42 lbs (19 KG)

Filter                    :   EverClean Filter EP-SA30

Lighting hood      :   BeamsWork POWER LED 300  

Color available    :   Black,  White


How It Works?

EverClean Filter use a lift pump to remove fish waste from the tank bottom, but it doesn’t mean you can simply place a water pump on the tank bottom and the fish waste will be automatically moved.  Since water always flow through the least resistant path, the lift pump actually can only remove fish waste just around its inlet, that means the fish waste must be delivered right to the inlet of the lift pump to be removed.  EverClean Filter use a flow pump and a special plate to generate directed water flows on the tank bottom to propel and guide fish waste RIGHT TO  theinlet of the lift pump.  The middle divider under the plate is the key for this invention, it prevent water flows from interfering with each and make sure all fish waste are delivered right to the inlet of the lift pump without any “dead spots”.





Your Support is Essential


We have spent lots of money in research, testing and product development of the EverClean Filter and the EverClean Aquarium, as well as on getting the patents, the project is ready to go for mass production.  We need your support to get this tank professionally manufactured and available for purchase.  Your support will help get the first batch of tanks produced to meet the minimum order quantity of our factory.  If we meet our goal, you will be guaranteed to receive it within a few months.  Act now, early birds will have their aquariums for as low as $499 (only 25 available).  So please become an EverClean Aquarium backer and share this page with your friends today!  Your support is essential in making the lives of fish keeper easier and providing a better living environments for the fish! Thanks you very much!



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