The World's Cheapest Food Canning Set
The World's Cheapest Food Canning Set

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Hi! My name is Mr Abdul Rahman Bin Muhammad ( I am an accountant, but now full time into research and inventing. We are from a start-up company called Eazy Canner Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. 8 years ago my petrol station business collapse after the petrol price was lowered. After 8 years of research using whatever little money we have left and with my wife help and selling some canned spaghetti sauce using my own invented technique, we managed to invent the first technique in the world to can food using Aluminum Retort Pouch inside a small pressure canner.

We have managed to invent the first technique in the world to can Aluminum Retort Pouch inside a small Pressure Canner. With our invention, for the first time in the world, millions of poor people and SME can now start a small food canning business from home using Aluminum Retort Pouch cheaply from ONLY USD2,100 compared to USD500,000 it cost now. We are now looking for kind donor who can sponsor some money either USD25 or USD100 each , so that I can give one unit of this canning sets to thousands of poor people in my country in Malaysia and worldwide gradually to help them start a small food canning business from home cheaply and viably using our invented technique. We can also immediately use some of the profit from this, to start this business so that we can start selling this cheap canning sets to millions of poor people worldwide.

With our inventions, millions of poor people and the less privileged communities can now be helped to create new jobs for themselves and others and lift themselves out of poverty. Millions of new SME can also be created with our inventions. We plan to kick start this project as soon as possible and hope to open a branch in each of the 150+ developing countries gradually.

Our Canning Sets Will Comprise The Following:

1) One unit of 41 quart Pressure Canner called "Eazy Canner" with the only one in the world "Metal to Metal Seal". It does not use gasket at all. Thus save you money on gasket replacement.Can processed about 60 pouch with the standard size of 170mmx130mm per cycle of about 3 and a half hour each time.

2) One vertical continuous band sealer.

3) 1,000 pieces of Aluminum Retort Pouch (130mmx170mm) and Water proof Sticker

4) One unit of Gas Pressure Meter

5) One digital timer

6) One pair of high temperature silicone glove.

7) Free lifetime telephone support.

8) One unit of 3 rings gas burner

9) Instruction Manual

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Invented Canning Technique And Canning Sets?

1) Food will be processed and sterilized at 121 degree celcius to conform to International Health and Food Safety standards like WHO, USDA, FAO of UN and MARDI (Malaysia).

2) Food can last up to 2 years and are shelf stable without having to use any preservative and needs no refrigeration.

3) Faster payback period between 6 months - 1 year. The cheapest canning sets on the market.

4) Very user friendly.

5) Almost anyone can be trained to use as long one can read and write.

6) Can process thousands of different Low Acids Foods like Fish, Meat, Poultry and Vegetables.

7) Can be operated at home. Using a very small space. Quiet operation.

Who Is Our Technical Partner

Thankfully we have managed to get a local top Research University called UTM or Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ( to help us, firm up our research and invention and to do some validation and further test. UTM is now our share partner through its wholly owned sub subsidiary company.

What Research and Prototyping Grant We Have Won?

We have also won a modest, about USD30,000 research and prototyping grant called Cip Catalyst Grant from a company called Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, a company under Ministry of Finance,Malaysia. We are now ready to commercialize our inventions.

How Much Capital or Funding We Need ?

As a start-up, we find it a struggle to raise capital needed of USD100,000 to help us kick start this business or to start the commercialization process. As we need to raise capital in order to buy stock ,a minimum of one 20 foot container for all types of stock like, Pressure Canner, Vertical Continuous Band Sealer, Aluminum Retort Pouch, etc, rental of small factory, salary, flight ticket to USA, China etc to meet and discuss with our Principal or Partner etc. We have basically been appointed as the Sole Agent in Malaysia and authorised agents worldwide and to use our own Brand Name of "Eazy Canner" by the Canner Manufacturer,based in USA. They have been our wonderful partner helping us in doing this research for the past 5 years.

For each of USD2,100 we raised, we will give one unit of this canning set to the poor and the less privileged in Malaysia and worldwide gradually. We will work with charitable organization and registered charity to identify such persons or families.

The list of names of all donor and recipient will be published later in our website once we have enough money to appoint an IT people to help us update the website at Sorry currently this website have been booked and updated only a bit, by us, but due to financial constraint we are unable to update this website as sometimes it can be very difficult to get IT people who can do it voluntarily for us or to do it based on future payment.

The Proof Of Our Invention

a) Temperature tested inside Food processed using our invented technique can reached 121 degree celcius as per WHO, USDA and FAO of United Nation Requirement to ensure all food are sterilized. Test using LASCAR Wireless High Temperature Data Logger made in UK.

b) We have also bought a set of Madgetech Wireless High Temperature Data Logger and Pressure Logger to Complete Our Research.

Above picture: Myself, right,(Abdul Rahman) in light green t-shirt with Dr Shahrul (Left) from UTM Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Renewable Energy who did the validation of my inventions, together with Miss Lai from Metcal Technologies, who is the local supplier for Madgetech Data Logger. Madgetech is a company based in USA who produced the Data Logger which we had bought to complete this test.

c) Food Product Processed Using Our Invented Technique Passed Microbe Test and Nutritional Test below.

Why We Should Be Helped By Concerned People Like You?

We hope there will be some generous people or anyone out there who are willing to help us, so that together we can kick start this business and help create more jobs for the people of USA and China, while creating millions of new jobs worldwide and helping millions of poor people around the world to be able to start a small food canning business cheaply from home, able to process Aluminum Retort Pouch, from only USD2,100 for the first time in humankind history!!!

a) For each of the USD2,100 raised, we will give one of this Eazy Canner set to the poor people and less privileged in Malaysia and worldwide gradually.

b) The small profit from each set will be used as capital to start this business and to pay for stock and expenses etc.

c) The more funding we could raise, the more overseas branches we could open soon, in order to help more less privileged communities in the developing countries.

d) We also plan to work with some UN Agencies in bringing this wonderful inventions of ours to help the less fortunate people globally.

e) Apart from this invention, we are also working on about 25 other High Impact research and Inventions that will have a huge Positive impact on millions and billions of humankind worldwide like RE or Renewable Energy etc. If we succeed, we would be able to help reduce energy cost for billions of people and help reduce global warming and thus help save millions of hectares of farmland from being flooded by rising sea water due to global warming and help prevent mass starvation and hunger worldwide in the future, and help prevent millions of peoples homes from being flooded by rising sea water as predicted by NASA sometime in the near future. We also already know how to invent the worlds cheapest and simplest Interlocking Brick Making Machine that can be used to help millions of poor people around the world build their own house cheaply. It can also be used to help hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who lost their homes to earthquake to rebuild their house easily, quickly and cheaply!!! We are working on many more high impact inventions that will help millions of people worldwide improve or rebuild their lives.

For all the generous contributor, we will be giving a Commemorative T-Shirt to remember this important occasion and as a sign of our friendship across the continent, regardless of race and religion.

Any contribution , how big or small is greatly appreciated. Please help us spread the word about this. We hope we can share this wonderful small canning inventions of ours with millions of poor people worldwide one day either by giving them a set donated by generous indiegogo backers or by selling them this canning sets cheaply worldwide by starting this business immediately using funds raised through this indiegogo campaign we are launching now.

Thank you very much

Abdul Rahman Bin Muhammad (

Chairman / Managing Director / Accountant / Researcher/ Inventor

Eazy Canner Sdn Bhd



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