The Wonder Maker's Tale
The Wonder Maker's Tale

The Wonder Maker’s Tale

by Laija Laura Ozoliņa
A collection of truthful stories about ten wonder makers. 
Illustrated with a collection of paintings dedicated to the heroes of the stories.
Accompanying music has been created by Latvian composer Lolita Ritmanis.

Dear current friends and future supporters,

We are reaching out first to all of you before we launch our first Indiegogo fundraising campaign, and introduce you to the wonderful stories and artwork of Latvian author Laija Laura Ozoliņa. Our goal is to complete the translation of the stories into English.

“You will be a painter,” said Laija Laura Ozoliņa’s husband nearly twenty years ago, giving her a canvas on a frame, along with some paints and paintbrushes for her birthday. At first this seemed incredible to the young woman who had earned her diploma as a clothes designer five years earlier. But she wanted to please her husband and soon enough created her first painting.

Today Laija Laura Ozoliņa has completed nearly six hundred paintings, most of which—more than 500—are a delight to their owners in many countries on four continents.

What surprised the young painter was how she became an established fine artist seemingly in such a short time. Turns out, all of us have more talents and capabilities than we think we do.

The question is—how do we find out what they are and learn to apply them in our lives?

It was nearly six years ago when Laura started writing stories about the miraculous lives of otherwise ordinary people. Similar to her own experience with the unusual beginnings of her artists’ career.­

The heroes of the book are true wonder makers—creators of wonders, like any of us could actually be.

Learn how each of the ten characters turned their lives into a miraculous adventure!

Read a Sample

To give you a glimpse into the wonders of Laura’s work, here’s an excerpt from a sample story (click the cover image): 

Harsh is the destiny of a mother, who has decided to murder her own child.

Actress Victoria is looking for her daughter Dominica, whom she left to die on a desolate country road when she was only four years old. Fourteen years later she recognizes her daughter as a talented actress, who is revealing her destiny on a stage. When they meet, the two talented actresses display their memories in a spectacle, and the painful truth cuts both women like a double-edged sword.

Dominica, never complaining to anyone about her childhood, was fulfilling her life’s task: to show people that the teacher of teachers is an actor. At the age of 4, she startled the travelling actors whom she joined, by expressing her love to Richard. No one could have imagined that a child could confess her love in such a way:

Share “The Wonder Maker’s Tale”

If you enjoyed the story excerpt and artwork, please consider helping us complete our project by sharing:

In gratitude for your support, we offer you the complete story Aziza’s Dream.

Collection of Artworks

Laija Laura Ozoliņa completed eleven paintings for this project, including dedicated illustrations for each of the ten stories and a unifying work for the book cover. 

The artworks are made using luminescent paints. The paintings amaze audiences with their shifting image-planes; as the lighting of a particular painting changes, thousands of new shades glimmer and fade, altering the viewers’ perception of the images within.


With you, our future supporter, we will have a series of rewards ready to share:

  • A digital book containing the ten stories and illustrations

  • Music composed for the story “Heavenly” by Lolita Ritmane
  • A unique line of silk ties, each hand-painted by Laija Laura Ozoliņa

  • Canvas wall art featuring “The Wonder Maker’s Tale” paintings 


  • Original art by Laija Laura Ozoliņa—luminescent painting “Sibronna”

Many of the rewards are expected to ship within a month after closure of the project.

We expect the translation of the entire collection of stories to take several months after which the entire book “The Wonder Maker’s Tale” will be available in English.

Stay tuned to find more about the project on our upcoming Indiegogo campaign page.

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