The Wholistic Box - a bimonthly subscription box full of props
The Wholistic Box - a bimonthly subscription box full of props

This project has already launched.

What is this?


The Wholistic Box is a bimonthly subscription box containing from 7 to 11 items all related to the Potterverse. Props, goodies and stationary. Handmade, home crafted, professionally printed with care, all custom made. That’s what we offer you every 2 months. Curated objects that make you feel all the magic of the Potterverse!

We are constantly looking to extend the magical universe and share with you a journey to Hogwarts and beyond. The wondrous world is so big and keeps on living, there is so much to discover!


Who is it for?

For all kind of witches and wizards from all over the world!
It intends to be for Muggles and Squibs too ;)
Potterheads, newly fans, long time book-lovers, movie-fans-only, it's-a-gift-I-don't-get-that-Harry-Potter-thing people, etc.
Finally, this box is for everyone.

To whoever wants to receive magical goods on a bimonthly basis. After all, the whole point is to make you live your wizard-self every day!

So, let's share our passion together :D



What will be in the Wholistic Box?

Minimum 7 items. Maximum 11 items. Handmade ones, home crafted others and official licences too. Don't you want tickets for the Knight Bus or stickers for your butterbeer? What about posters for the next dueling competition in England? Would an invitation to the Yule Ball at Beauxbâtons interest you? What if you had your own MacUSA stamp? Keychains of your house symbol, original t-shirts and other goodies?

What kind of objects then? All kind of objects, as long as they are within the potter universe. That means no reference to actors, fan-serving or inside-jokes. With the Wholistic Box, the Wizarding World is real and what you can find in the box, can be found in the world ...



Who are you?

We are fans. Loooooooooooooooong time fans.
We've been around for a long time. We had a website for theories when the waiting between books was hard ;)
We made props for fun, for games, for cosplay and for projects.
That's how much we are passionate, we just decided that it was time to share all that fun with even more people.
We have full boxes of projects related to the Potterverse, all waiting to be developed: our imagination can't stop!



What's the difference between this offer and the subscription service?

- You get all the Knuts rewards
- Special discount on the price to thank you as an early hippogryph adopter :)
- You get the very first box, no strings attached. No need to subscribe!
- Free shipping!

--> But ... for the subscription service, just go to :D



Will you be shipping to my country?

Yes! Like owls, we'll find you wherever you are :)

What will you do with all my galleons?

The money will help us start the Wholistic Box adventure!
It will fund the printing costs, the production costs of the secret objects waiting to be delivered to your door and all that will be in the box. Plus, we'll be able to start working on the second box and other surprises for the subscription plan and for a shop :)

I have a question!

Just one? Ok, shoot!
Instagram: @wholisticwizards
Twitter: @wholisticwizard
Facebook: @wholisticwizards
Tumblr: @wholisticwizards

You are still reading!? Ah, thank you ^_^ Know that with your support, it will be a huge boost to our work. It means we share the same dream and that couldn't make us any happier :) Come here for a hug!

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