The Weatherneck-A Breakaway Balaclava
The Weatherneck-A Breakaway Balaclava

This project has already launched.

The Weatherneck System

The Weatherneck System incorporates a uniquely designed Mullet Hat with a breathable face mask. The 2 parts magnetize together creating “The Weatherneck System – A Breakaway Balaclava".

#1 Reason to Back The Weatherneck System:

When things start to heat up, shedding layers is critical to overall performance.

The Weatherneck System delivers just that.

When the day starts out cold, The Weatherneck System provides just enough protection to get the job done. Later, when things get heated, you’re not stuck roasting and choking on something clinging to your neck.

What can The Weatherneck System do for you:


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