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The Watchmaker

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The Watchmaker it's an innovative third-person game, developed in Unreal Engine 4 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, that mixes puzzle and adventure in a challenging series of levels full of riddles, action and mystery. In the game, you are Alexander, who is trapped in a steampunk world, similar to a large clock gear, where your only mission is to repair it... and discover why you are there and who has sabotaged it.

But not all is so simple. Alexander has a strange disease that makes him age very quickly, and the fight is not just against the clock: it's against time itself.

Alexander has a routine, to repair his precious clock tower every day, adjusting mechanisms, oiling the gears and polishing up to the smallest piece. For years he has only lived for it, until one day he is awakened by a mysterious, unknown voice. This disembodied voice alerts him that something is wrong: an unknown entity has sabotaged his beautiful tower and this has caused time to go crazy. Consequently, Alexander starts aging very fast and has a limited time to fix it. Guided by the mysterious voice, he must walk the halls of the tower in search of the unknown entity and discover the mysteries of the tower and its past.


Alexander lives day after day given to his great work: a great clock tower. He repairs its mechanisms and leaves them impeccable. One day a stranger sabotages his repairs and makes the time go mad causing him to grow old extra fast.

Alexander is perfectionist, obsessive and meticulous. Each of the pieces of your beloved tower work perfectly. He is able to leave everything aside for that, even his beloved wife.

The Voice

“The Voice” was trapped deep in the clock tower. For years he was traveling through his levels, looking for the bastard who stole his body. Until one day he finds Alexander who becomes his ally to fulfill his plans.


Alexander is obsessive and addicted to work so he sleeps very little. But when he does, he dreams of a beautiful woman with a sad countenance named Alice, who seems very familiar. Who will this woman be?

Despicable Saboteur

The Despicable Saboteur is trapped in the tower just like Alexander. He is astute, intelligent and his intentions are not good. He has been sabotaging Alexander's repairs without him realizing it. What will be his purpose?

The Watchmaker it’s a puzzle adventure game. The player takes the role of Alexander, who must solve the intricate mechanisms that are presented to him with the help of his magnetic glove, with which you can manipulate objects at will.

Alexander suffers from a strange disease that makes him grow old very quickly. The world is like a large clock gear, full of mobile platforms and enemies. Knowing this, the player must travel clock levels, solving puzzles to discover the mysteries of the clock tower.

Aging Process

During the game, Alexander ages quickly. The player begins the game with 30 years old and dies upon reaching 90 years of age. To recover years of life, the player must reach a recovery machine (save point) or find and use keys.

Magnetic Shield: Alexander can defend himself from attacks with a magnetic shield coming out of his glove.

Magnetic Manipulation: Alexander can move items using his magnetic glove.

Magnetic Impulse: The magnetic glove also serves to attack enemies.

Rewind: Alexander can turn back time when he sees an imminent danger.

Time Power: Alexander has the power to make time run slower.

The art style of The Watchmaker is steampunk with components of oneiric and surrealist environments. The idea is to provoke the feeling of being trapped within the gears of a giant clock.

In The Watchmaker music plays a very important role. Apart from having an aesthetic function and giving atmosphere to the world, it works as an additional feedback of Alexander's age. The music changes depending on the age range in which the character is. If he is young, the music is much more energetic and with more alive sounds, however, when Alexander is old, the music is calmer and with softer sounds.

Age 1

Age 2

Age 3

Main Menu

PC Hardware (minimum)

- Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

- i5 processor.

- 4GB of RAM memory.

All pledges received at this tier will go towards the little things that keep us happy day after day, like coffee and delicious snacks. You will receive a thank you e-mail and updates of our work.

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$5 tier reward plus the complete game, the result of the work we have done for years. Congratulations and thank you very very much!

Your name will appear on The Watchmaker credits, just like the wonderful backers you are. You will also receive the $20 tier rewards.

In addition to the $25 tier rewards, backers will receive a digital copy of the soundtrack for The Watchmaker!

Backers will get the digital version of the artbook with concept art, old sketches, coloring process, backgrounds, and also some comments from the team. It also includes all rewards of the $40 tier.

Would you like to know how would you look in the world of The Watchmaker? If you choose this tier, you will receive a portrait of yourself with the style of the game!

It also includes all rewards of the $60 tier.

If you choose this tier, you will be able to find your portrait inside the game! It also includes all rewards of the $100 tier.


At the moment we have 70% of the game done, but we need Kickstarter to be able to finish it.
While we are working we have been publishing a documentary series about every aspect of The Watchmaker development and we are updating it weekly.

This is the first episode, you can see more in our channel:


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